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We recommend these 10 resolutions for achieving your 2020 sales goals—and some great extensions to help you get there.

Become more efficient at discovering potential new leads and prospects, and save time with these extensions.

Make and record calls directly within Zoho CRM with easy click-to-dial functionality, and log them automatically.


Automate manual data entry, repetitive tasks, workflows, and lead assignment to make time for the work that really matters.


Use sales gamification tools to create a motivated, high-performing team that rakes in ROI.

Invalid emails, wrong phone numbers, wrong formatting—avoid these messy mistakes with data management tools.

Maximize revenue by identifying improvements within your pipeline and uncovering insights to fight customer churn with these tools.


Drive conversions with pre-sale and lead qualification surveys ahead of discovery meetings and demo sessions. Send surveys from Zoho CRM, and automatically update response data in Zoho CRM.

Maximize conversions by creating a personalized sales follow-up for each prospect. Generate helpful data that you can then use to engage, qualify, and convert leads into happy customers.


Manage your meetings from within Zoho CRM by integrating your meeting applications and meeting schedulers with Zoho CRM.

Close deals faster with automated document creation so your sales team can easily send out professional-looking contracts and proposals in a few clicks.



Work smarter by adding new capabilities to Zoho with business solutions from Zoho Marketplace. Explore Zoho Marketplace >


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