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Team-building activities are an essential part of creating a workforce that’s motivated and engaged. These activities go beyond cliched assumptions of being a waste of time and money. Employees require some time out of work to relax, rejuvenate their skills, and work as a team. It helps employees break free from silos and bond together as a team. Apart from the fun aspect, team-building activities instill characteristics like collaboration, coordination, and critical thinking. They prepare teams for challenging work situations.

That said, designing a team-building program or choosing the right team-building activities can be a daunting task.  We’ve compiled a list of 15 team-building activities that you can choose to host in your organization.  

  • Team-building activities to break the ice

  • Team building activities to improve coordination, collaboration, and critical thinking

  • Team-building activities to reduce stress

  • Team-building activities to improve work culture

Read more about the best team-building activities for corporations on the HR Knowledge Hive.

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