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For most companies today, file sharing and collaboration does not just stop within their team or organization—it extends beyond that. Companies are working more and more with external partners and even clients to build innovative new product capabilities, expand market reach, and strengthen their brand value. Fostering seamless external collaboration has become essential for a business to stand out.

However, many teams face multiple limitations while sharing files and often worry about the security of their shared data. This makes it a challenge for businesses to create an effective collaboration channel for external partners.

However, we’re pleased to say Zoho WorkDrive makes this issue a thing of the past.

WorkDrive’s external sharing capabilities create a central hub for your team to collaborate with people outside your organization without compromising on convenience or data security. Check out some of the ways WorkDrive can streamline your external sharing below.

Create multiple share links

Forget the hassle of sending large files back and forth or creating multiple copies of the same document each time you wish to work with an external user. With WorkDrive, you can create and manage unlimited external links for a file or folder and easily share it a specific collaborator or a group.

Share information securely

Password-protect your external links and set an access expiration date (after which the shared file and folder will be inaccessible). You can also restrict select collaborators from downloading files or request user information like their name, email or phone number before they access the link.Collaborate more effectively

Customize whether you want people to only access files or upload their work as well. With WorkDrive’s built-in office apps, you can collaborate in real time, discuss ideas, and review changes  on your documents, spreadsheets, and presentations from within WorkDrive.

Monitor user activity

Keep an eye on who has accessed shared links and downloaded files with WorkDrive’s activity reports.

One of the best parts of externally sharing through WorkDrive is that recipients  don’t need to create a WorkDrive account to access the links and files you share. This means you can easily share information with customers, prospects, vendors, or any external members without having to add them to your WorkDrive team. 

Want to learn more? Here’s how one of our customers, Vector Solutions, established an effective way to communicate with their clients with WorkDrive:

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