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XG Firewall v18 is now available – Sophos News 2 días ago

XG Firewall v18 is now available, and it’s sporting the all-new Xstream Architecture, which delivers extreme levels of visibility, protection and performance. We’ve packed this release with new and enhanced features for you, including: Xstream SSL inspection. Get unprecedented visibility into your encrypted traffic flows, support for TLS 1.3 without …

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Love letters you shouldn’t open – Sophos News 6 días ago

Valentine’s Day is a day of wonder and joy for many couples around the world. Unfortunately, it’s also a special day for cybercriminals. Thanks to the gift buying frenzy for that special someone, shoppers are on the hunt for bargain deals and may not have their guards fully raised. Cybercriminals …

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Visibility, protection and performance – Sophos News 7 días ago

The new Xstream Architecture in XG Firewall v18 includes an all-new, high-performance SSL Inspection solution that delivers the industry’s best visibility into encrypted traffic flows, support for TLS 1.3 without downgrading, and extreme levels of performance. With the volume of encrypted traffic now at about 80% and growing steadily, SSL …

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