Control and manage your offices around the world

Count with an interconnection of infinite headquarters from a central console. It is implemented quickly and safely in a matter of minutes, inter connecting its branches with your main office.

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Branch Office is offered in two versions:

  • On Site: All venues are connected to their parent company using our authenticating equipment.
  • Cloud center: It allows you to provide control and security by connecting all your headquarters to your main office with our concentrator farm distributed in different regions of the world. This provides a high availability index and frees its branches of possible failures in its main plant.

Connection and security in a simple, safe and optimal way

Branch Office will control all the elements of the network, allowing the communication between the headquarters and giving the option to share among them the resources, data and necessary information.

The configuration and the deployment offer the facility of being completely automated and supported by our customer service center for better support. In a matter of minutes you will be enjoying browsing security, content control and attack protection.

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Powerful encryption

All data will be encrypted in AES-256 bits. This connection is by blocks and using the encryption standard adopted by the Government of the United States. This guarantees a secure connection and prevents computer attacks. Branch Office offers services with a transparent technology and is beneficial for those offices that have low bandwidth, since packages are compressed up to 30% before being encrypted.

Complete security

Once our Branch Office service is deployed, all traffic from the remote site is forwarded to our hubs providing complete security and visibility.

  • Intrusion prevention protects the network against known and unknown threats.
  • Extended protection includes web, email, endpoint web servers and even secure Wi-Fi (optional).
  • Integrated report generation provides the information needed to solve problems quickly.

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Resources still available even if you are outside your company

Work from the comfort of your home. Branch Office offers the possibility to connect from your laptop (Mac, Windows or Linux) or your mobile devices (IOS or Android) using VPN clients.

Users can easily and quickly access to protect the data traffic back to the company network. Automatic logon stores the credentials of the resources on the device. It is not necessary to provide them to third parties.

Customer service

Feel accompanied. In Net Universe we pay special attention to our service approach. We provide a 7 x 24 customer service center from which all configuration requests are processed. It provides constant monitoring of all devices connected to Branch Office.


Points to mark

Encryption Aes-256 bits
Automatic updates
Managed security
Advanced Theat Protection
Intrusion Prevention System
VPN clients
Amazon VPC
Site to Site tunels
Programmed reports included
Do not require public IP publishes in the remote offices for your connection

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