What is Cloud Backup?

Cloud backup involves generating a backup of the system in the cloud. It copies your files, applications, virtual machines or servers and store them in a remote and secure computer resources network, which you can access via Internet.

Why do you need Cloud backups?

Better access

Access your files anywhere there is a network connection.

Better protection

Isolate your data of possible failures in local devices, computer attacks or natural disasters.

Less downtime

Make sure you can quickly restore your system and recover to continue the activity.

Personal backup in the cloud

Easily protect your family’s memories, documents and devices

Professional cloud backup

Safeguard the data you need to compete


Copy for service providers

Fast and convincing backup service that puts you in charge

The recognized leader in Cloud Backups

More than 500.000 companies
trust Acronis

More than 5,5 million users
trust our solutions

5.000 PB data
protected in the world

Acronis Cloud…

Follow your rhythm

Remote storage of your data will not hold you back. In fact, independent testing shows that Acronis helps you save time when backing up and provides quick access, when files are needed.

15 seconds of recovery time
Proven: recovery time objective is twice as fast as those of the fastest competitor.

Verified: the fastest backups
The average is twice (can be up to 10) faster than the competition.

Access to the Cloud in three clicks
Our personal and professional solutions take your backups quickly to the cloud.

Acronis Cloud…

Guarantees that your data is safe

In the end, the decision to convert storage in the cloud as part of the backup strategy is a matter of keeping your data secure. Acronis takes the objective of protecting your data very seriously under all circumstances.

Military encryption
Whether stored or in transit, AES-256 encryption protects your data.

Security with SSAE-16 certification
Our data centers have the latest technology in the field of disaster prevention and 24-hour security.

Data centers designed according to Tier-IV
With 99.995 percent, the highest level of availability for any data center in the world.

Acronis Cloud…

Gives you control

Cloud storage is the most flexible and economical way to back up files and programs that you trust. Acronis solutions guarantee total coverage and full control over your data.

Total coverage
Backup copies for everything: disks, partitions, files and folders, virtual machines.

Flexible control
Choose between full image, differential or incremental backups or a combination of both.

Redundant backup copies
Our technology is more reliable than conventional RAID devices.

Why do experts choose Acronis Cloud Solution

Acronis True Image, for its combination of backup copies (both local and in the cloud), cloning discs, creation of rescue discs and other unique tools, together with a more modern interface than the competition has deserved the mention of Editors’ Choice from PCMag magazine.

Acronis led all the performance tests; on average it is twice as fast, sometimes up to 10 times faster than the competition.




Acronis Storage is a clear example of ease of use in a universe as complex as that of unified storage … [and] is designed with that particular agility that helps customers succeed in deployments, operations and extensions.


Go beyond with Acronis Backup Cloud

    • Unlimited versions of stored files (unlike the competition)


    • Unlimited storage duration of file versions (unlike our competitors)


    • Automatic and manual backups in the cloud and in local locations


    • Remote management of backup plans through a central control board


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