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Latest generation protection

We have adopted a new approach to protection. Sophos Endpoint blocks malicious programs and infections by identifying and preventing the handful of techniques and behaviors used in almost all vulnerabilities.

Sophos Endpoint does not depend on signatures to detect malware, which means that it identifies zero-day threats without negatively affecting the performance of your device. This way you get protection even before those vulnerabilities arrive.

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By correlating threat indicators, Sophos Endpoint can block application and Internet vulnerabilities, dangerous web addresses, unwanted applications and malicious code and prevent them from affecting your workstations.

Malware uncovered

Sophos Endpoint works on the device and together with the firewall to detect and isolate devices that are in danger. Synchronized security offers additional context by providing information from the network.

Behavior analysis

Determine suspicious behavior, which allows the detection of malware specially designed to dodge traditional solutions.

Malicious traffic

Prefiltrates all HTTP traffic and tracks suspicious traffic, as well as the path of the process file that is sending malicious traffic.

Integrated network and workstation

Instant, automatic communication between the workstation and the network warns the system of exactly what the firewall is detecting, allowing the station’s protection agent to use that information immediately to discover the process behind the threat.

Does your protection detect everything?

Make sure your security has not overlooked any viruses or ignored an attack. With Sophos Clean you can perform an additional scan, locate security breaches and eliminate them.

 Sophos Clean

Goodbye Malware

Automatically remove detected malicious programs or isolate devices in danger to prevent damage.


One part of remedying a problem is to quarantine it so that it does not continue to spread. If necessary, we will even isolate the affected devices until they are convinced to be safe.

Threats elimination

If we detect something malicious, we will delete it for you. It is the least we can do. We make it simple and automatic.

Synchronized security

With automation in the discovery of threats, research and response, Synchronized Security has revolutionized the detection of threats. Response times to incidents are reduced exponentially, allowing tactical resources to be dedicated to strategic analysis.

Full control

Apply your data, device, application and web policies with ease, thanks to the perfect integration in the agent for stations and in the administration console.

  • Web control: Web filtering based on categories are applied inside and outside the corporate network
  • Application control: Block applications by category or by name with just one click
  • Device control: Controlled access to removable media and mobile devices
  • Data control: Data loss prevention (DLP) using pre-integrated or custom rules

Sophisticated simplicity

Like your favorite web or smartphone application, Sophos Endpoint Protection offers sophisticated functionality along with a simple and intuitive user experience.

  • Fast and easy deployment from the cloud or locally
  • Default policies that are configured to balance protection, usability, and performance
  • Automatic removal of security products for third-party stations
  • Easy configuration of advanced functions such as HIPS and device control, thanks to the continuously updated data of SophosLabs

Flexibility in the implementation and licensing system

Our two deployment options offer protection and
excellent performance are acquired by user, not by device.

Sophos Central

Sophos Central is our unified web console with policies that accompany the user for all types of devices and platforms.


Our local administration platform offers granular control with delegated administration and a SQL-based reporting interface.

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Avoid the attack of Ransomware, Malwares, Explots, Cryptojacking and much more!

Block malicious programs and infections by identifying and preventing the handful of techniques and behaviors used in almost all vulnerabilities.

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