The new laptop revolution

Chromeboxes, like other Chrome OS devices, are primarily compatible with web applications, so they rely heavily on an Internet connection for software functionality and data storage. That connection, through a local area network, can be wireless or through an Ethernet port.

Smaller, smarter

The machines are classified as small computers. They have a power switch and a set of connections to support keyboard, mouse and one or more monitors.

Your resources go with you

Chromebox can work as a data center for your desktop, phone or tablet, which means you always have access to the files you need, including your favorite Google services.

Chromebox does not need major installations. Just connect it and all your settings are within a click of a mouse. The intuitive Chrome OS interface gives you access to tens of thousands of Chrome applications available for download from the Chrome Web Store. With a wide variety of offline applications, Chromebox allows you to edit documents, play games and use other popular applications without an Internet connection.

Relax with Chromebox while browsing the web, watch photos from your SD card and videos with up to 4K of UHD playback *

Chromebox is compatible with a wide range of USB devices, including external storage, keyboards, mice and webcams. This means that it is easy to expand and connect when you need it.

With 100 GB of free space in Google Drive *, you’ll always be connected to your data in the cloud by simply logging into your Gmail account anytime, anywhere.

Chromebox is offered in different brands and models. Tell us your need and we will find one especially for you !!!

Enhance your corporate efforts to infinity and beyond!

The solution for your video conferences in high definition in an easy, elegant and economical screen

Your meetings through HD video conferences with up to 25 people with full HD camera and omni directional microphone

The digital board with 4K screen, collaborative and elegant for your meeting rooms and presentations.

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