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Mobile devices are small, funny and multiply rapidly like rabbits, forcing them to devote most of the day to provisioning, protecting, locating, managing and updating them. With Sophos Mobile Security, the mobile device management solution, we offer you the possibility to manage innumerable devices with a single product. Now, you will finally have time to deal with all those requests that are not your responsibility.

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Mobile device management

Sophos Mobile Control is the workstation mobility management solution that handles all of them, from the initial configuration and registration to its withdrawal. In addition, our complete web console allows you to manage any device from any location.

  • Manages and controls iOS devices, Android (including Samsung SAFE), Windows Phone 8 and other types of devices
  • Configure policies and implement them remotely
  • Imposes integrated security features such as encryption of devices and passwords
  • Provides total protection in case of loss or theft of devices
  • Create compliance policies based on groups
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Mobile application management (MAM)

Provide your mobile users with all the applications they need in their work with Sophos Mobile Control. Distribute internal and commercial applications directly to users’ devices.

  • Distribute applications to individual users or groups securely
  • Implement iOS managed applications to better control application data
  • Password protection of applications containing corporate data for greater security
  • Create lists of prohibited applications that may be dangerous or affect productivity
  • Supports corporate application provisioning through Apple’s Volume Purchase Program (VPP)
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Mobile content management (MCM)

Ensures that the protection of your data does not end at the door of the office. Content management for iOS devices ensures that each document remains secure, allowing users to remain productive through secure collaboration.

  • It encrypts each file transparently, allowing you to be sure that your documents and your data remain safe, not only in the office, but also wherever your users go.
  • Take advantage of the encryption application, which can be managed centrally through the Sophos Central console.
  • Access content from different cloud storage providers such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Egnyte and several solutions compatible with WebDAV

Email management in mobile (MEM)

Provide your mobile users with all the applications they need in their work with Sophos Mobile Control. Distribute internal and commercial applications directly to users’ devices.

  • Distribute email settings so your users are productive in a matter of minutes
  • Control access to email through a secure email gateway based on device status
  • Compatible with email containers such as NitroDesk Touchdown
  • Selectively erases all corporate emails when an employee leaves the company
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Integrated security for Android devices

Mobile devices are essentially teams that travel everywhere with users; therefore, mobile devices need the same level of antivirus protection. Sophos Mobile Control is the only provider that offers integrated web protection and antivirus for Android devices. Our Mobile Security application integrates seamlessly into the Mobile Control console, providing you with all the details of malware detection to protect your Android users against malicious applications and websites, as well as other threats.

  • Automatically scan all newly installed applications to detect malicious programs
  • Quarantines infected devices
  • Protects users from accessing malicious websites and blocks web pages by categories
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Lower risk of data leakage with network access control

Sophos Mobile Control continuously evaluates the compliance status of each device. Block any device that does not meet the standards and deny them access to the corporate network through Wi-Fi and VPN, reducing the risk of data leaks.

  • Constantly monitors device status and detects leaks, blacklisted applications or unsafe configurations
  • Administrators can block Wi-Fi and VPN access based on device compliance status
  • Interact without configuration with Checkpoint and Cisco ISE
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Simple configuration and maintenance

Our intuitive web console puts all the usual tasks at your fingertips. We have improved workflows to make sure that administrators can easily find all the data they need to quickly manage devices and policies.

  • Assign profiles and policies to users and groups automatically according to the user directory to which they belong
  • Check the status of the device, if it complies with the policies or if the user has permission to receive email messages, access the network or access corporate documents
  • Our integrated self-service portal allows users to register their own devices, change their passwords or report any lost or stolen equipment
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One user = one licence

Workers who use personal devices want the freedom to be able to use multiple devices both at home and on the road. Our simplified per-user licenses are ideal for users of various devices and help you get the most out of your budget. A user = a license. Regardless of the number of devices they have.

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Flexible deployment options

Sophos Mobile Control provides the necessary options for a worry-free solution suited to your needs. Install the solution locally or use it in the form of software as a service. No matter the experience or the size of your IT department, we have the right implementation method for any situation.

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