Net Universe expands its operations to Mexico 12 months ago

Net Universe International Corp expands its operations to Mexico

As part of our corporate efforts to bring new and innovative solutions to different countries, we are pleased to inform  that apart from our current headquarters; USA, Peru, Colombia, Chile and Argentina, we have decided to expand our operations to Mexico, with our office located in Hamburgo 135– Juarez – Ciudad de México.

In Net Universe we are aware that many of our clients have presence in multiple countries and with great potential for growth. In this opportunity we want to offer, even to more companies, the possibility of accessing all our latest generation IT services. This new office is part of the strategic plan of Net Universe to offer and make possible for more countries in the region reach our World Wide Delivery services.

“Our vision is to help and promote the objectives of our customers by providing them the necessary technology to achieve it. Many of the companies that work with us today are multinationals and most of them presented their need to be able to implement the different collaboration tools, video conference and brainstorming that they currently use in their parent companies, in other countries “, Julián Abuin, CEO of Net Universe International Corp.

Our firm has more than 23 years in the international market. The main objective is to promote the development of tools and solutions, which together with our experience generate economic savings, greater productivity and optimization of time. Our solutions are based on the main brands of the market: Google, Sophos, Evoko, Acronis, Amazon, Microsoft, Zoho, Jamboard, Google Chrome Enterprise, Google Hardware.

Our goal is to advise, build and implement the management of information and communication, in the same way that we seek to enhance the processes of our clients helping them to achieve their proposed objectives.

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