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Maximum recognition from industry experts

Unique simplicity, security and visibility

  • Blocks unknown threats with a complete advanced protection suite that includes IPS, ATP, secure spaces, dual AV, web and application control, anti-phishing and a comprehensive web application firewall, among other features.
  • Automatically responds to incidents by identifying and isolating infected systems instantly until they can be cleaned.
  • Detects hidden risks in your network, such as unknown apps, users with more risks, advanced threats, suspicious uploads and much more.

Security Heartbeat™

Advanced attacks are more coordinated than ever. Now, your defenses are too. Our revolutionary Security Heartbeat ™ allows communication between your workstation protection and your firewall. It’s a simple but effective idea that gives you more protection against advanced threats and allows you to respond to incidents more quickly. It is so simple that you will wonder why nobody had done it before.

Find the threat more quickly

Advanced threat indicators, such as suspicious network traffic, are shared instantaneously between the next-generation firewall and the state-of-the-art protection system to detect and prevent attacks.

Simplify research

The active identification of infected systems shares the name of the computer, the user and the path between the workstation and the firewall to be able to act quickly.

Minimize the impact of the threat

The firewall automatically isolates infected workstations, while workstation protection stops and removes malicious software.

Unified control of users, applications and the network

We have changed the way we manage policies. Sophos XG offers a completely new policy model that allows you to view and manage all your user, application and network policies from one place.


In most of the products, you must configure and manage policies in multiple modules or screens. This does not happen with Sophos.
We offer a powerful model of unified policies that allows you to see, filter and classify all your policies in a single screen.

Sophos Firewall OS integrates our patented level 8 identity-based policy technology, which allows user-level control of applications,
bandwidth and other resources of the network regardless of the IP address, location, network or device. Literally, it carries the firewall policy
to a completely new level.

Most network administrators are probably wondering if they have too many firewall rules, which are really necessary and which are not actually being used. With Sophos XG Firewall, that doubt clears up.


The state-of-the-art Sophos Security Heartbeat connects your workstations and your firewall to combine your intelligence in order to immediately identify systems infected by advanced threats, allowing you to isolate or limit infected systems until they can be cleaned.


Predefined policy templates allow you to protect common applications such as Microsoft Exchange or Sharepoint quickly. Simply select them from a list, provide some basic information and the template takes care of the rest. The template sets all the firewall rules of entry / exit and security settings automatically.

Our unified policy model not only facilitates the management of all your policies on a single screen, it also reduces drastically redundancy and the total number of rules. You can easily sort or filter by policy type and each type has a configuration screen with a custom design to present only the settings you need.


Instant visibility

Sophos XG Firewall provides unprecedented visibility of your network, users and applications directly from the new control center. It also offers an integrated feature for detailed reporting and the option to add Sophos Firewall Manager and iView for centralized reporting and management across multiple firewalls.

Next Generation

System panel

It shows the real-time status of system performance, services, connections and other system parameters. The green color indicates that everything is fine, the orange indicates a warning and the red indicates that something needs immediate attention.

Clicking on these elements show additional information, graphics, as well as useful system and network tools that you can use to solve problems such as ping, traceroute, packet capture, command line access, etc.


Powerful administration and scalability

Sophos XG Firewall provides unprecedented visibility of your network, users and applications directly from the new control center. It also offers integrated detailed report generation and the option to add Sophos iView for centralized reporting for multiple firewalls.


Centralized management of Sophos Firewall Manager

Use Sophos Firewall Manager to manage all your firewalls from a single console with the ability to send, receive, replicate and automate policies through firewalls.

Centralized report generation with Sophos iView

Provides full visibility into the status of all your firewalls with consolidated reporting and integrated storage management for important log data

Clustering and redundancy

Clustering and active-passive failover provides companies with scalability and business continuity.

Flexible deployment options

You can choose between different hardware device models, virtual environments or even deploy it on the Intel server hardware platform of your choice.

Have a complete protection with leader products!

Avoid the attack of Ransomware, Exploits, Malwares, Cryptojacking and much more!

Blocks malicious programs and infections by identifying and preventing the handful of techniques and behaviors used in almost all vulnerabilities.


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