Fast and simple communication

Free yourself from heavy work. The installation does not require facilities or technical personnel for the implementation and / or connection of our authenticators. It is only necessary to plug them into power and Internet, this will perform all the configuration automatically and establish the dedicated connection.

Encrypted and Compressed connection

Take control. Our authenticators communicate with the servers, this communication is encrypted (AES 256), compressed by 30% and has the possibility to perform link balances. Additionally we can allow the connection only of specific users or equipment, so that if they want only certain devices to connect to their servers in the cloud this could be possible thanks to our technology. Also, our authenticating devices have a transfer limit of 400 Mbps, so the client would have to have a bandwidth greater than this to present a bottleneck.

Additional security for External users

Keep your safety. Private Cloud thinks about external users, which are usually the main cause of loss of information of the servers when losing any device that had installed some method of connection to the servers. For this, Private Cloud has an authenticating agent which is integrated with a double factor of authentication to control the access of these users. For this, external users will need to have the authenticating agent in their device and additionally they will need an application installed in their smartphone / tablet which will generate a code that must be entered in the authenticating agent to validate the connection. In this way we not only double the level of security in the accesses but also literally employees would have to lose more than 1 device at a time to cause some data leakage.

Encrypted, compressed and secure connection.
Next Generation Firewall with IPS y ATP as a gateway.
Double Authentication Factor.
Administration tools
Security and identity.
Disaster recovery.
Unlimited bandwidth.
Web Application Firewall.
Reports are included.

Service availability

Downtime > 3 minutes a day- 10% OFF
Downtime > 60 minutes a day- 25% OFF

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