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Free cloud asset inventory and security check – Sophos News

Think you know what you’ve got in the cloud? Think again.

The accessibility of the public cloud is a double-edged sword: while it enables teams to spin up new resources in minutes, it also makes it hard for IT teams to keep track of everything that needs to be secured.

Take control of your cloud security with a free inventory assessment and security check, powered by Sophos Cloud Optix.  Activate a free trial to get to get 30 days commitment-free usage:

  • Comprehensive inventory of everything you’ve got in the cloud: virtual machines, storage, containers, IAM Users etc.
  • Covers Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, Kubernetes clusters, and Infrastructure-as-Code environments
  • Automatically scans for security gaps so you can address areas of weakness
  • No agent, no install, no tie-in
Real-time security alerts, enabling you to take immediate action

Detect and prevent cloud security and compliance gaps

Cloud Optix is an agentless SaaS solution that integrates with your cloud infrastructure accounts using the native cloud provider APIs, logs, and cloud services.

It uses information from these sources to give you a detailed inventory of assets in your cloud accounts and provide an intuitive topological view of the environment’s architecture and traffic flows.

Inventory of all your resources
Topological view of your architecture and traffic flows


Cloud Optix also provides up-to-the-minute reports. These make it easy to stay in compliance with both regulatory requirements and internal security policies, including monitoring your daily spend.

Stay in compliance with real-time reports

Get up and running in minutes

Cloud Optix is managed through the Sophos Central security platform. There are two ways to activate your free usage period:

  • Already using Sophos Central:  Click on the Free Trials link at the bottom of the left-hand menu in your Central admin console.
  • New to Sophos Central: Request a free trial via our website. Your trial will give you access to Cloud Optix as well as all the other security services available in Sophos Central (endpoint protection, server protection etc.).

Next, follow the on-screen step-by-step instructions that will walk you through adding your AWS, Azure and GCP environments.  For more information, read the Getting Started guide.

Should you need help at any point, check out the community forum or reach out to our technical support team.

What happens when the trial period is over?

If you wish to continue using Cloud Optix at the end of the free usage period, simply purchase a subscription. Otherwise, you can just stop using the service. There’s no tie-in, no catch, no obligation.


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