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If you’ve been using other Zoho apps, and know many of Zoho’s product logos are undergoing a design refresh, you probably saw this coming: Cliq has officially joined the Logolinism club!

We’re excited to reveal we’ve updated Cliq’s beloved chat bubble logo to this sleek, minimalistic new version:

But first, why change it?

The purpose of a logo is to reflect your brand’s purpose and to create a unique identity among the public. That being said, a logo should also reflect brand aesthetics while also staying simple and unique.

 Following the guidelines of Logolinism—Zoho’s new minimalistic logo style characterized by simple line art, bright colors, and simplified forms—we began to remodel our existing logo to match Zoho’s fresh new look.

 The story behind our logo:

When the idea of the new logo came into discussion, it didn’t really take us too long to decide on what direction to proceed. Our logo—a simple, clean design—was created to communicate very simple ideas:

  • The outlines match the outside curves, or brackets, formed by the letters “C” and “Q” in our product name, “CLIQ”.

  • The three dots in the center signify communication, collaboration, and productivity—Cliq’s purpose and our motto.

  • And of course, the overall representation of a message or chat bubble highlights Cliq’s capabilities as a messaging platform.

We carefully deliberated over the variety of designs our dedicated designers came up with, and in the end, we are pleased to present a new and improved logo that carries the essence of what we want to convey.

Our new logo embraces the minimalist style of using clean, brightly colored line art to form a simplified image in place of highly detailed or realistic icons. While this style follows the current trend of minimalism, it’s also easy to understand and recognize.

The best part of this new Logolinism style is that it works for everything! We’re pleased to join other Zoho products in this ongoing design refresh, making Cliq easily identifiable as part of the Zoho family. 

P.S. If you’d like to update to or use the new logo, we’re sharing our assets right here for you to use!


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