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We at Notebook wish you the best for this Diwali. Get ready for some exciting new features this festive season, including beautiful Diwali-themed hand-drawn notebook covers, a notebook filled with curated recipes for Diwali, Zia tag suggestions for Diwali-related content, and a receipt scanner that allows you to manage your Diwali budget with Zoho Expense. 

We’ve got you covered this Diwali season

Choose from a selection of beautiful Diwali-themed hand-drawn notebook covers and save your favorite moments and thoughts in Notebook.

What’s cooking at your place?

Wondering what to cook during Diwali? We’ve got a notebook filled with mouth-watering Diwali recipes for when you need some culinary inspiration.

Play it smart this Diwali

Whether it’s photos or shopping lists, organize your Diwali content with Zia’s intelligent tag suggestions.

Manage your Diwali expenses

Scan your receipts and upload them instantly to Zoho Expense to easily manage your Diwali budget.

Take notes and make to-do lists, record your favorite moments, and celebrate this Diwali with Notebook. Make the best of Notebook’s Diwali edition soon—it’s available this month only, from October 18th to the 29th, exclusively for iOS users.

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