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With social media taking over the world and information becoming more accessible on the internet, recruiters are having a field day. However, this information is only useful when it can be fully understood. To do that, you need the right tools.

Fortunately, rapid advancements in technology have led to cutting edge solutions for these recruiting difficulties. Among those solutions is one that has changed the recruitment scene forever — Data Enrichment.

Using data enrichment you’ll be able to pull candidate data from public, digital sources (such as a candidate’s social media profile or website), and combine it with the data you have.

Zoho Recruit takes data enrichment to the next level by adding Zia to the mixture. In addition to her candidate matching abilities, Zia is now capable of enriching you candidate data. With a single click of a button, you’ll be able to update your candidate records with the latest information. This is made possible with the help of People Data Labs, a third party client who provide Zia with the required data.

Why Data Enrichment? 

Most recruiters use resumes to move candidates forward in their hiring pipeline. But a resume is just a fraction of a candidate’s profile and isn’t nearly enough to make an informed hiring decision. Also, information obtained from resumes isn’t always up to date.

Recruitment starts with the quality of your candidate data. When data is incomplete or incorrect, recruiters can’t begin to assess the candidate in-depth. With data enrichment, you’ll be able to see the full picture. Source the latest information from candidates’ social profiles, and merge it with the information you already have. This will greatly improve the quality of your hiring.

Here is what an ATS with Data Enrichment can do for you:

Create meaningful relationships

Enriched data is the key to communicating effectively. It can give you personalized insights that open up opportunities for meaningful candidate relationships. Knowing the right information means you can create engaging communication strategies that prioritize your applicants’ needs.

Increase your conversion rate

It is common to encounter a large percentage of candidates that see the scope of your offer but are not currently interested. Data enrichment can help you understand these candidates better and design offers that cater to their professional goals. This will eventually help you convert more of these candidates into hires.

Target your hiring campaigns

If you’re looking to drive results with your targeted marketing campaigns, data enrichment is a must. With enriched data, segmentation according to geography, profile, and industry is more efficient and increases your ROI.

Introducing Data Enrichment with Zia

Zia, your AI hiring assistant, can help you make sure that your candidate data is complete and updated. Based on information that you provide, such as the candidate’s name, email address, or social profile, Zia fetches you additional data with the help of our third-party client, People Data Labs.

So, if you’re looking to improve the quality of your data and you want an ATS with Data Enrichment, try the completely overhauled Zoho Recruit today.

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