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Thank you for believing in us and being part of our journey! We owe it all to you!

At Zoho, we’ve always focused on building end-to-end solutions and creating business software that solves real problems. In the year 2014, we took a major step towards enacting this vision with the launch of the first-ever product suite from Zoho, CRM Plus, which has since grown to become the most comprehensive integrated customer experience platform on the market today.

The best customer experiences are delivered when your software tools work together seamlessly. With CRM Plus, we are breaking silos across customer-facing teams to provide a comprehensive view of your customer information across multiple touchpoints.

Here’s a short retelling of our CRM Plus journey 

Where we started 

We began development with the mission of integrating Zoho CRM with all the touchpoints of customer-facing information a business can have, providing our users with instant access to any piece of customer information as soon as they need it. Zoho CRM Plus started off as a customer-centric suite that aimed to leverage Zoho’s powerful products for sales, marketing, and support. For the first time, our users could purchase 10 different Zoho products at a single price.

The introduction of the Admin Panel

One year after launch, we continued working on simplifying the way businesses utilized CRM Plus. We didn’t want them to spend large amounts of time performing account set up, licensing, customization, managing their subscription, and onboarding their team.

We wanted them to invest their time and energy into improving their customer experience. That’s why we launched the Admin Panel—to streamline business administration. The Admin Panel helped unify user provisioning and management, subscription management, and app provisioning into a single interface.

From a suite of products to a platform

Even with the addition of the admin panel, CRM Plus still required switching back and forth between the separate products in the suite and using distinct interfaces for different functions. We wanted CRM Plus to feel like a single tool—a single platform that could also make managing all this customer information easy and effective. In November 2017, we launched our next version of CRM Plus, now with a unified interface, setup, and search.

Our customers no longer had to toggle between multiple products to access multiple information sources. Everything was brought under a single interface that our customers love to this day!

Our biggest release ever!

In November 2018, we launched CRM Plus as Zoho’s unified customer experience platform. Seamless omnichannel engagement, enhanced AI capabilities like Zia Voice across the platform, and unified analytics were the highlights of this release.

The road ahead: our vision of helping businesses become truly customer-first!

Five years into our journey, and we’ve continued to grow—constantly becoming better together. We’re working hard every day on improving the platform, and helping businesses build a customer-first organization. We can’t wait to share our next round of product updates with you.

We look forward to many more years of exceptional customer experiences and making your investment in CRM Plus worthwhile at every step of the way. Share your Zoho CRM Plus experience by using #zohocx

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