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We know how excited you are to get Apple’s latest update to your iPhones and iPads—and that’s why we’re doubly excited to let you know that Zoho Mail is officially iOS 13 ready!

For love of the dark

Zoho Mail has catered to the needs of users who prefer dark screens for a while now. Whether it be night mode in our web app or dark themes on mobile, we aim to reduce your eye strain during those late hours at work.

So we were delighted when Apple decided to introduce its own dark mode with the iOS 13 update. The Zoho Mail mobile app now seamlessly adapts itself to iOS 13’s dark mode. When it’s active on your device, the Zoho Mail mobile app displays your emails in the dark theme even if you’ve chosen a light theme in your app settings.

This also holds true for the scheduled dark mode feature, where the dark mode is activated at a certain set time of day.

Pro tip: You can shake your phone to switch dark theme on and off in Zoho Mail when the dark mode isn’t active. This even applies to devices that haven’t been updated to iOS 13!

Choose the way you see it

We all love to personalize our devices, and a custom font is one way to do it. Now you can customize your iPhone/iPad with your favorite font—just choose it from the settings and read your emails with the same font in our mobile app.

Scan complete

Wherever you go, your phone goes with you. So if you’re on the move and have an important document to send, use the document scanner to get the job done.

Start composing the email in Zoho Mail and just tap the attachments icon to find the Doc Scanner. Scan the document, make changes if necessary, and hit Send—that’s it!

Give these new features a try and let us know how you liked them in the comments below. And keep watching this space for more updates on the Zoho Mail app!

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