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Despite the rising popularity of messaging apps, email has retained its throne as the primary mode of official communication. Checking emails has become synonymous with working, and work is no longer limited to the office. Inevitably, we are always on the prowl for the “Wi-fi Zone” signboard when we’re in public.

Most times you’ll successfully find a connection but what if you’re miles above the ground in a plane and the Wi-fi gods decide to abandon you? Do you let your work come to a halt? Not anymore.

No matter where you are—home, office, train, or flight—lack of Internet will no longer get in the way of your emailing.

Zoho Mail Offline!

You can now read and respond to your emails even when your Internet connection fails you. All you have to do is enable Zoho Mail Offline Mode in just a few quick steps.

To get started, turn on Offline Mode in your Zoho Mail settings. Pick the emails you want to store offline to begin syncing. You can choose to save emails of the past 7, 14 or 30 days, while configuring Offline Mode. These emails will then be automatically synced to your browser storage to be made available to you when you go offline.

Besides being able to read emails, you can even reply to these emails. The replies are stored in the Outbox and delivered once your connection is back. You can also compose emails and save them as drafts or templates.

Offline Mode is a small step towards providing you with the best of Zoho Mail, even when you’re disconnected. Try it out and give us your feedback, while we come up with more Offline features.

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