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Breaking Boundaries: How World Wide Delivery Services Streamlines Global Logistics


In an increasingly globalized world, the ability to operate across international borders is crucial for growth and competitiveness. However, managing international shipments can be a labyrinth of customs procedures and tax barriers. This is where Net Universe’s World Wide Delivery Services transforms the landscape, allowing companies to expand their reach without the usual complications.


Elimination of Customs and Fiscal Barriers:

World Wide Delivery Services handles all aspects related to customs and taxes, ensuring that necessary IT equipment reaches its international destinations without delays or unexpected costs. This service not only reduces administrative burdens on companies but also minimizes the risk of penalties or delays due to incorrect or incomplete documentation.

Example 1: Technology company in Silicon Valley

A fast-growing startup was able to quickly set up a development team in India thanks to our efficient logistics management, avoiding weeks of delay and potential customs fines that could have jeopardized their product launch.

Optimization of Local Delivery:

Once shipments arrive in their destination country, World Wide Delivery Services coordinates local delivery to the final location. This means that from the products leaving our warehouses to their delivery, the entire process is covered.


Example 2: Leading Social Networking Technology Company

A prominent social networking company needed to equip its employees in diverse locations such as Argentina, Uruguay, the entire European Community, Eastern European countries, EMEA, and APAC regions with the latest IT tools to support remote work. Our seamless delivery services ensured that all tech equipment was efficiently distributed across these geographically dispersed regions, streamlining their global operations without the hassle of logistical complexities.


Facilitation of International Trade:

By taking full responsibility for international shipments, we allow companies to focus on what they do best: innovate and expand their business. We remove the stress and complexity that often accompanies global expansion.

Example 3: Nasdaq-Listed Software Company Born in Argentina

A software company originally established in Argentina and now listed on the Nasdaq needed to rapidly deploy IT infrastructure to support their expanding global workforce. Utilizing our World Wide Delivery Services, they were able to facilitate the distribution of high-tech equipment to offices around the world, ensuring operational continuity and scalability across multiple continents.



At Net Universe, we understand that true business freedom lies in the ability to operate without logistical worries, no matter where your operations or employees are located. With headquarters in Miami and Barcelona, and offices across the Americas, Europe, and Asia, World Wide Delivery Services is more than just a logistics provider; we are a strategic partner that helps your company achieve true global operability. Discover how we can help you eliminate borders today.


About Net Universe

Net Universe is the first Technology company with integrated Global Logistics.

With strategic alliances and partnerships with the main technology brands in equipment, security and collaboration platforms, Net Universe combines IT and logistics, delivering technology product and services with integrated logistics solutions, woldwide.




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