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ChromeOS and Net Universe will allow you to enhance your business capabilities, with agile, reliable, and secure technology solutions, while simplifying IT management and administration. Evolve the world of business with ChromeOS.

Get to know ChromeOS for Business

ChromeOS is a cloud-based operating system that gives employees a modern experience and devices that stay fast, have built-in security, are integrated quickly, and lower the total cost of ownership. Together, Google and Net Universe give you the solution you need to support the modern workforce.


Designed with app compatibility, security, and simplified management in mind, ChromeOS empowers workers and IT to be more productive, wherever they are.


Get the right Chromebook for your needs by choosing from a variety of form factors and specs. Whether on the go or at home, Chromebooks have you covered.

Chrome Enterprise Upgrade

Get the tools you need to increase uptime and improve security protocols, all from a powerful cloud-based Google Management Console.

Benefits of Chrome Enterprise for your Company


Integrated and proactive security

Chrome Enterprise is the first cloud-based platform to provide ransomware protection by default.
It’s very secure, doesn’t require antivirus, and a successful attack has never been known.
Learn more about security in ChromeOS.

Remote device management

Manage ChromeOS devices and enforce cloud-based policies from the Google Admin console.

Fast implementation and optimal costs

Streamline your deployment processes and obtain better Chrome Enterprise Upgrade license conditions from Net Universe.
Learn more about Chrome Enterprise Upgrade.

Enable Hybrid work with ChromeOS for Business

With ChromeOS and Chrome Enterprise Upgrade, your hybrid workforce can stay productive and secure from the office, home, or both.

User profiles and data are stored in the cloud, allowing employees to quickly log in on any device, access their files, and pick up where they left off.

You can also remotely manage devices and set policies from anywhere with the Google Admin Console.

There is a ChromeOS device for every business need

Devices with Chrome Enterprise deliver a modern experience to employees with built-in security, fast deployment, and automatic updates.
We have Chromebooks designed specifically for business with the speed, durability, and security your teams need. We offer Chromebook Enterprise devices that come preconfigured with the Chrome Enterprise Upgrade to manage right out of the box.
At Net Universe, we supply the complete line of Chromebooks through our shop and we are also distinguished by our ability to optimize your supply chain, delivering equipment to your offices or directly to each employee’s home, at the right time and anywhere in the world.

The added value of Net Universe,
We optimize your Supply Chain

We know that in a remote or hybrid workplace, the logistics of delivering IT equipment to new hires on time is critical.
Combining IT and logistics services, Net Universe is the only Chromebook provider that, thanks to the Provisioning & Collection (P&C)service, has the ability to distribute, replace or collect equipment anywhere in the world, without customs barriers, at the best cost and times that no one can beat. 

How does it work?

  • You acquire your Chrome equipment in our shop or with your usual provider.
  • We store your equipment in our warehouses in the USA or Europe.
  • If necessary, we configure the equipment and leave it ready for use.
  • Do you have a new hire? We ship the equipment to the employee’s home, no matter
  • where in the world they live.
  • Do you have to make equipment replacements or an employee has left the company?
  • We take care of picking up the equipment.
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