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Fortinet Addresses Customers’ Network and Application Security Needs with a Dynamic Cloud Solution

As organizations deploy workloads and critical resources in the cloud, they must ensure they’re also properly securing data, applications, and other digital resources that are getting migrated. With the threat landscape continuing to evolve, organizations need to create a security framework as part of their cloud strategy so that digital innovations don’t result in cyber threats and increased business risks.

Protecting the cloud requires going beyond the traditional security model. With secure access to cloud resources available from anywhere, organizations should now have the confidence to deploy any application on any cloud infrastructure with ease. Fortinet’s Dynamic Cloud Security offerings are helping customers reap the benefits of cloud adoption while providing the necessary visibility and control across cloud environments. In this blog, we look at three customers who have deployed the Fortinet Security Fabric’s cloud offerings to secure their cloud environments and critical business applications. 

Large Retirement Funds Manager 

Since its inception, one of Mexico’s largest retirement funds manager has aimed to provide their customers with a bright and secure future managing individual accounts and helping ensure they can retire at ease. Serving thousands of customers and with years of sensitive customer information, the company needed comprehensive security to protect its web application servers, through which it grosses 90% of the organization’s revenue. 

After a WAF architecture evaluation that included Fortinet alongside several other vendors, the company chose Fortinet’s solution to protect their web applications, including IP reputation, DDoS protection, protocol validation, application attack signatures, bot mitigation, and machine learning capabilities. Having a hybrid environment, consisting of cloud and on-premise workloads, the company took a comprehensive approach to defend its core business applications that power critical information and services and ensure constant communication with customers.

In addition to the comprehensive WAF architecture, Fortinet identified additional pain points for this large retirement funds manager that required key security components that Fortinet was able to uniquely address by providing complete cybersecurity protection, including next-generation firewall protection that also provides internal segmentation and company-wide VPN service. By implementing Fortinet solutions, and specifically leveraging FortiWeb WAF, this customer has been able to decrease its customer attrition rate, increase application performance without compromising security, and reduce complexity and TCO by enabling and implementing diverse network and security options.

Private Pharmaceutical Company

A major Italian pharmaceutical company was looking to better secure its critical business information and sensitive data. They were looking for both security and simplification, enabling a holistic security solution that would allow them to expand into other countries while managing more for less.

Not only were they looking to ensure workflows and applications could securely travel across and between different clouds, data centers, and devices to accomplish their tasks, but they also needed their security to scale. The organization was also looking to secure their entire network in order to move to the Office365 cloud solution. Additionally, they needed to optimize WAN links between HQ and their four main sites. 

With Fortinet’s Security Fabric offerings, this major pharmaceutical company was able to accomplish all this and more. Deploying Fortinet’s cloud solutions, the organization was able to implement advanced security and simplification with a lower TCO compared to other competitors. Using Fortinet’s Secure SD-WAN, this customer has been able to accelerate connectivity to Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications as well as applications located in major public cloud providers globally.

A Leader in Real Estate 

As a top leader in its sector, a real estate service provider in France focuses on delivering a high-quality experience across multiple sites to their customers. The organization caters to student housing, retirement facilities, and hotel residences, working with thousands of customers year-round. In order to remain competitive in the industry, they were looking to implement a solution that would modernize and protect them as they migrated workloads to the public cloud. 

By deploying Fortinet’s Security Fabric offerings, they were able to securely migrate several core web applications to Azure Cloud. Additionally, the organization wanted to have full visibility across their network as well as leverage a Secure SD-WAN solution that was scalable and independent from telco operators. Using Fortinet’s FortiWeb WAF and FortiCWP, the organization was able to reuse their data center 1200D as a hub, thereby reducing costs, and were also able to establish extensive visibility across their environments. This leading French real estate service provider also deployed Fortinet’s FortiGate NGFW for its Secure SD-WAN capabilities, which has allowed the organization to digitalize remote locations and securely connect their branches to the cloud. 

Securing Environments with Fortinet’s Dynamic Cloud Security 

It’s necessary to develop a unified technology approach across all computing environments to optimally secure business operations. With the right deployment, organizations can secure their networks, including any application on any cloud infrastructure. Similar to the three customers mentioned above, any organization can take advantage of impressive performance and cost savings, while ensuring their data is protected, through the adoption of Fortinet’s Dynamic Cloud Security offerings.

Learn how Fortinet’s dynamic cloud security solutions provide increased visibility and control across cloud infrastructures, enabling secure applications and connectivity from data center to cloud.

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