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Leveraging Fortinet’s Dynamic Cloud Security Offerings to Secure VPN Connections

Fortinet Customer Perspectives

A distributed remote workforce has become the new reality for many organizations, and they continue to look for ways to enhance security within this new paradigm, especially when multiple devices are being leveraged on personal networks to connect back to corporate networks. From a security perspective, in spite of these network changes, organizational goals remain: they need to deliver on business objectives and customer experience while remaining resilient and protecting valuable data, protect against threats, as well as adhering to compliance regulations. 

The following customers turned to Fortinet’s FortiGate-VM solution to secure VPN connections to the cloud, thereby providing seamless VPN connectivity to critical business applications located in the cloud. Because FortiGate-VM can be seamlessly integrated into a larger Security Fabric framework, and can be managed using the same centralized management console, it offers a consistent security posture while protecting connectivity across public and private clouds—all while high-speed VPN connections safeguard data in motion. Sharing the same advanced features as the FortiGate next-generation firewall (NGFW), FortiGate-VM enables and enforces security policies across all environments while providing and maintaining single-pane-of-glass management, consistent policy and configuration distribution, and centralized orchestration. 

Global Cloud-based Company Scales Cloud Connectivity at Reduced Costs

One large cloud-based software company was looking to enhance its cloud security and maximize their VPN throughput across its entire infrastructure to better fit their business and customer needs. Their primary goal was to install a broadband site-to-site VPN connection at each of its locations to serve as a redundant connection for the MPLS traffic headed to their central data center. 

To achieve their goal of maximizing VPN throughput, they deployed FortiGate-VM in AWS. This allowed them to experiment with pay-as-you-go in AWS, which significantly dropped costs. The enterprise licensing agreement that Fortinet offers was also an important feature, letting them directly purchase from Fortinet, contributing to further decreasing overhead.

Implementing FortiGate-VM in AWS provided this customer with the industry’s highest performance, value, and flexibility for its dynamic cloud environments. This customer also now has consistent security posture and connectivity protection across its public and private clouds. At the same time, high-speed VPN connections not only protect their data and sensitive information, but also allows them to take better advantage of the elasticity, reliability, and scalability of the public cloud.

Leading SaaS Organization Turns to Fortinet to Secure its Cloud Migration 

A leading SaaS company that provides business support services to thousands of customers a year wanted a holistic cloud security solution to protect a virtual private cloud environment as they embarked on their cloud migration journey.

The organization’s security team was finding it difficult to auto scale to protect their new cloud environment, and the cloud architecture team was having to provide custom coding to keep up with scale out efforts. They selected Fortinet’s FortiGate-VM as it provided advanced protection across the company’s workloads that exceeded the security team’s needs, without compromising the scalability and user experience that the networking team required. As a result, Fortinet has now become their adopted standard for their cloud migration. 

One of the features and key benefits most important to this transition included the ability for administrators to do everything the network team and the security team required on the same console. They also had terrestrial data centers and were looking to move data to the private cloud environment. Fortinet accelerated this transition with purpose-built cloud security to protect workloads and business applications across on-premises data centers and cloud environments with multilayer security for cloud-based applications. 

World-Class Healthcare Company Secures VPN Connections to the Cloud

As modern healthcare-related priorities continue to shift, healthcare organizations must be aware of the cyber risks that can evolve. One private European healthcare provider needed to better secure their customers’ information across its multiple locations, and they needed a solution that would protect their infrastructure from a broad array of potential threats.

To secure their VPN connections to the cloud, Fortinet was able to provide seamless integration by creating an express route between the company’s data center and their Azure cloud environments using its FortiGate-VM solution. Fortinet’s FortiGate-VM allowed the healthcare provider to natively integrate with Azure, and then delivered centralized management of its cloud and on-premise deployments for end-to-end visibility of workloads. It also gave them full control of their applications, further enhancing visibility. With FortiGate-VM, customers like this healthcare provider can safely implement auto scaling to increase their overall SSL VPN capacity and availability without needing to redesign their existing deployment to achieve significant scalability.  

Fortinet’s Dynamic Cloud Security Enables Scalability, Flexibility and Agility 

As organizations continue to work remotely, they need to leverage an effective cloud offering to secure their VPN connections to the cloud. With FortiGate-VM, teleworkers can securely connect to and across all environments, all while reducing costs and without hindering performance or visibility. These three customers were able to do just that plus more with the help of Fortinet. And Fortinet is helping thousands of customers just like these secure every layer of their networks, including any application on any cloud infrastructure, every single day. 

Learn how Fortinet’s dynamic cloud security solutions provide increased visibility and control across cloud infrastructures, enabling secure applications and connectivity from data center to cloud. 

Read these customer case studies to see how Hillsborough Community College and WeLab implement Fortinet’s dynamic cloud security solutions for secure connectivity from data center to the cloud. 

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