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one tool for all your lookup queries

If you’re an admin or even a user, you’ve probably had to perform lookup operations at some point. These might range from DNS lookup operations to simple IP lookups or port checks. Wouldn’t it be nice to find all these options in one place instead of having to switch between multiple services? Good news: we at Zoho Mail built the Toolkit to help you with just that.

Toolkit for lookup queries

Toolkit is a completely free, comprehensive service that can be used to troubleshoot or solve email-related issues, such as retrieving domain information, looking up registry details, performing port and IP checks, and running DNS record checks. Better still, Toolkit can be used by anybody on the internet, not just Zoho account holders.

How can I use Toolkit?

Toolkit has something for everyone! Here’s how you can make the most of it for your organization or even for yourself.

Look up domain details
Toolkit offers several domain-related lookup options. Just by entering the name of any domain, you can view all DNS records associated with it. You can even check whether the basic domain configurations that ensure security and email deliverability—such as MX, SPF, and DKIM—have been done.
You can also view registry details and other information like renewal date using Toolkit.

Analyze message headers
While some email solutions like Zoho Mail provide built-in header analyzers, some do not. But if you get an email that you think is suspicious, don’t worry. Once you provide the header details of an email, Toolkit can give you the exact information you need to verify its authenticity.

Perform IP-based lookups
If you want to find out if there is a domain hosted from a specific IP address, Toolkit’s reverse lookup tool can help. Enter the relevant IP address and Toolkit will find any associated domains.

Check for open ports and encode/decode URLs
Look for any open ports for a specific host using the Port Check option.
You can encode or decode URLs or text to ensure it’s encrypted before sending it out. Pick from the available encode or decode options, and you’re all set to go!

These are just some of the options Toolkit provides to simplify email-related troubleshooting.

While we keep working to enrich Toolkit with more features, start using Toolkit from here and find all the necessary instructions on the Toolkit help page. Do leave your feedback and suggestions as comments below!

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