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10 new Cliq integrations to simplify your workflow

For an organization to stay consistently productive, it’s important to give employees the tools they need for effortless collaboration, efficient task management, and effective communication. One way to improve these factors is with useful integrations.

In this post, let’s take a look at powerful new integrations in Cliq that will make your remote workflow more efficient and smooth.


  • Share your files using the /onedrive command
  • Upload your files using the action menu
  • Star your important files to keep them accessible

One of the most important factors in effective communication is contextual collaboration. With One Drive you can forget the hassle of switching between tabs and the time you spend searching for a file, especially when you need to share a file with your coworker urgently. The OneDrive’s integration for Cliq can be your all-in-one solution for timely collaboration over shared files.

With OneDrive’s extension for Cliq, you can share your files by simply entering the /onedrive command in any chat and your file will be posted as a message card in the chat as a response. The file recipient can use that message card to view, share, and upload the file to OneDrive directly from their chat.


  • Be informed about your upcoming meetings
  • Start a conference using the /createmeeting command
  • Invite members from outside your organization

Integrations with apps like GoToMeeting can help keep your team stay connected and drive productivity. With the GoToMeeting integration for Cliq, you can instantly create meetings by entering the /createmeeting command in any chat. You also have options to customize your meetings securely by setting up passwords, audio mode, meeting type, and more.

One significant challenge in virtual meetings is keeping track of your upcoming meetings and inviting people to it. We got this managed for you as well, From the GoToMeeting bot in Cliq, you can check your current meetings, upcoming meetings, and meeting history by simply clicking on the Meeting bot menu action, and all your meeting details are listed categorically with options to invite, share, edit, and start meetings directly from your Cliq window.


  • Tweet, retweet, and follow the latest feeds
  • Follow trends from the Trending tab in widgets
  • Set up Twitter favorites in Cliq to get instant updates on their tweets

Can’t stop scrolling through your Twitter feed? If you’re constantly waiting for your break to grab your phone and check your Twitter updates, our Twitter integration for Cliq is just for you. This integration brings your Twitter feed into your Cliq window to create a workspace where both your social media and work apps can coexist.

Twitter’s integration for Cliq allows you to create, like, retweet, and favorite a tweet directly from your Cliq window. From the Twitter widget, you also can choose to categorically view the tweets from a particular country of your choice or worldwide feed. The feeds from your selected country can be viewed from the Feeds tab and the Trending tab will keep you in sync with all trending updates in that region. You also have options to favorite your top three twitter accounts so you never miss any updates from them.

COVID-19 Bot

  • Get screening question reports displayed in the bot or in the channel of your choice
  • Get insights on global and country-specific stats from the Covid-19 widget

In the current pandemic, the COVID-19 integration in Cliq provides essential information to keep your organization informed and aware of the COVID-19 cases worldwide. This COVID-19 bot in Cliq provides daily screening questions for employees, as well as country-specific reports and status updates.

You can use the COVID-19 integration to schedule daily screening questions for your employees and map channels to receive your screening reports, or you can access the reports on-demand with the help of the Get Report action menu in the COVID-19 bot.

Additionally, Cliq offers a COVID-19 widget to provide you with detailed stats about previous cases, new cases, number of tests conducted, recovered, affected locations, and more for a selected country or worldwide.


  • Track your deals with the Pipedrive Bot menu action
  • Create deals from the Pipedrive integration in Cliq
  • Add activities and view your open deals from Cliq’s interface

Pipedrive is a powerful integration to help get your sales and deals up and running. By integrating the Pipedrive bot with Cliq, you can not only create deals from the comfort of your Cliq window, but also track and be notified about the pipeline stage changes, activities, and deals assigned to you with the help of the Pipedrive bot.

Use the /pipedrive command when you need to view the details of a deal from the list of deals available. With the Pipedrive integration for Cliq, you can leverage transparency and control schedules, as well as get activity reminders to keep you on top of all activities and deals all from within Cliq.


  • Easily create sprints and view your teams responses
  • Set up custom questions to for your team to answer
  • Get notifications and manage tasks with ScrumBot in Cliq

The success of any project lies in how efficiently you plan and execute your milestones. The ScrumBot integration for Cliq can be your go-to integration when it comes to meeting your team goals. ScrumBot helps you manage your team by breaking your project into short-term goals and setting up sprints to manage their tasks.

With the help of ScrumBot, you can schedule standup meetings, assign work to your team members, and set up questions to ask them on a specific day. Once these questions are answered, they’ll get posted in the channel of your choice, allowing you to track every step and keep your team informed of work progress in that sprint.


  • Map the GiLlab Bot to a Cliq channel to get notifications
  • View updates and issues directly from Cliq

If your team works on projects asynchronously, it’s very important for you to have a platform with all the tools you need in one place. The GitLab integration for Cliq is an efficient platform with a wide selection of the DevOps tools you may need during the SDLC lifecycle.

The GitLab integration for Cliq allows you to connect to your GitLab projects, map relevant channels to receive project updates, get notifications about latest updates, and view issues with a simple click on the View Issues bot action menu.

GitLab also has the /gitlab command to help you to pull your list of projects with categorical information about your merge requests, branches, and commits. With the GitLab Bot for Cliq, you can keep yourself and your team up to date on all developments, dependencies, and requirements for your project.


  • Easily create webinars using the /createwebinar in any channel or group
  • Stay informed about your upcoming meetings with bot menu actions
  • Track and view statistics for all your past webinars

Want to host professional webinars on the go? The GoToWebinar integration for Cliq can help you position your expertise, make sales without selling hard, qualify leads, and keep your audience engaged.

With the GoToWebinar bot menu action, you can create a professional webinar in no time and map channels to receive timely updates whenever you receive a new webinar registration. With this integration, you can view your upcoming meetings, edit, view, and share their registration details in a specific channel, maintain a record of all your past webinars, and more directly from your Cliq window.


  • You can view your repositories, content, commits, and issues directly from Cliq
  • With the help of the simple /github command, you can view the list of all repositories related to your account

With the GitHub integration for Cliq, developers can now manage their code from inside their Cliq window. The GitHub bot simplifies your workflow and bot menu actions allow you to view, connect, and disconnect the connection to your GitHub repository.

Once you set up connections with GitHub integration in Cliq, you can view the list of all your repositories, commits, and issues using the YourRepo bot menu action or alternatively use the /github command for the same task. The bot menu actions also have capabilities to set up notifications on issues, commits, and more.


  • Create tasks and view all tasks and comments in your projects directly from Cliq
  • Easily view your tasks with the /todoist command in your Cliq chat

The first step to getting your work done is planning on how to go about it, and what better tool than a Todoist to efficiently manage your plans?

The Todoist integration for Cliq helps you organize your tasks and projects comprehensively in a single application. With the Todoist integration, you can view your task lists and projects and review your progress regularly. Cliq offers efficient bot menu actions to help you view your projects, tasks, and comments. You can also convert a Cliq message into a task and prioritize it as Very Urgent, Urgent, Important, and Neutral.

To view all your tasks at hand, all you have to do is enter the /todoist command in your Cliq chat. All your tasks, along with their due dates and details, are listed. Use Todoist in Cliq to help achieve your goals and complete your tasks efficiently.

Each of these Cliq integrations can help make your work easier by providing you with tools for easy collaboration and task management so that no matter where your employees are located, you can make sure team collaboration and workflows are never interrupted.

The above are some of our new favorites, do let us know your favorite Cliq integration that helped you simplify your workflow in the comment section!

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