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5 keys for managing and retaining gig workers

5 keys for managing and retaining gig workers

5 keys for managing and retaining gig workers

Our previous blog, The gig economy- an emerging norm, discussed how models for work have changed over the past few months. While contingent workforces grow and become more diverse to include agencies, freelancers, and gig workers, digital platforms play a crucial role.

Companies are relying on more gig workers—not just internet gigs⁠—some have even mixed gig workers in with their full-time employees. When you are appointing gig workers in your company for the first time, you should be aware of how to manage them, especially when times are uncertain.

Managing and retaining gig workers

Talent retention should be on the top of your checklist. Companies are looking for an agile workforce to meet their customers’ requirements. Demand is currently exceeding supply.

Post-pandemic, these trends may continue as we shift toward a more uncertain gig economy that relies heavily on the internet. Temp staffing agencies can ensure that contingent workers or gig workers stay with them using improved technological platforms, and adopting them will help in recruiting and managing gig workers efficiently.

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