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7 ways to increase sales engagement « Zoho Blog

This is a guest blog post by Mary Hart, ConnectLeader.

No matter if you’re working out of your office surrounded by your sales team, or working from home and only see your sales reps in video meetings, your sales metrics don’t change. As a sales manager or a sales rep, you’re still tasked with delivering revenue, meeting and exceeding your sales quota, and connecting with potential customers in order to set up meetings.

So, how can you improve sales engagement and productivity? Read on to learn the top ways to have contextual conversations, send out emails that convert, and ultimately make more sales.

#1 Know your audience

You might wish that every person is a potential customer for your product, but that’s rarely the case. Work with your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) and buyer personas to improve the chances of your marketing and sales efforts’ success, as you can tailor your efforts towards prospects who are more likely to convert.

#2 Look at your customers

Don’t have an ICP or buyer persona? Your customers have purchased from you, so figure out what they have in common (and this can be more than one thing). Do they all have the same title? Are they all in the same vertical? Are they located geographically close to each other? These similarities are the starting point for figuring out what kind of person is your Ideal Customer.

#3 Understand pain points

As you’re assessing your current customers and ideal customers, consider the challenges they face. What is keeping them from being their most productive? Technology? Budget? Processes?

#4 Create the right cadence

As you’re creating your sales cadence to contact prospective customers, make sure it includes seven to twelve touches total. These should be in the form of email, phone, texts, video, and social outreach.

#5 Personalization is key

Remember those pain points I mentioned above? You’re going to use them to create targeted, personalized messaging for each of the seven to twelve touches. No one wants to get a sales pitch that could be delivered to anyone passing by. Add personal aspects to it, including the pain points that person could be facing, the name of someone you know in common who referred you, or something that person posted on LinkedIn recently.

#6 Include success stories

Your happy customers are the best people to promote your products because they’ve already chosen them and are seeing the return on investment. Sending a potential customer who is in the consideration stage of the customer lifecycle, a case study or a customer quote that shows how it’s helped them increase revenue or productivity—or even better, both, can motivate them to buy.

#7 Use the right tools

This seems like a no-brainer, but it isn’t. Take a look at the crowded sales engagement market and narrow it down to exactly what your specific company needs to increase productivity and drive sales engagement.

Once you have the right sales engagement tools and have done your research to create personalized sales outreach messages (be that a cold call, cold email, text, or social message) you’ll have everything you need to boost your sales engagement and productivity.

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