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A COVID-19 Response-plan for Governments & Non-profits

Zoho Social understands how crucial the ongoing fight against the coronavirus pandemic is. In light of this, we have decided to offer six months of access to our suite of premium tools for free to NGOs, not-for-profit organizations, government institutions, and public sector bodies, as part of a new initiative called the ‘Go the distance with Zoho Social’.

With the world currently battling the COVID-19 crisis, social media has come into focus again. Local government institutions are using social media to create awareness, reach out to people for help, provide updates on the situation, and to prevent the spread of fake information.

On the other hand, several non-governmental and not-for-profit organizations are finding it hard to secure funding, help distribute resources locally or even create any outreach without making social media their primary channel. Public sector organizations are also using social media channels extensively to communicate with people, letting them ask questions, and providing support through the platform.

So, with all of this in mind, our team at Zoho Social has decided to boost these efforts by offering six months of free access to Zoho Social’s premium tools as part of our campaign geared to respond to COVID-19 pandemic. Our plan is specifically tailored to the needs of these agencies which are leveraging social media to further the fight against the current crisis. With this in mind, we have increased our monitoring capabilities within the platform and will be providing round-the-clock support to these users, besides frequently sending curated tips and strategies.

If you are using social media to facilitate the fight against the pandemic, then getting onboard Zoho Social is all that’s needed to avail this benefit. If you’re already a Zoho Social user, write to us with your registered email ID and we will move you to a special COVID-19 plan at no cost.

As a business that is built on customer satisfaction and goodwill, we realize that there is no better time for us to step up than in a time of global crisis. We hope our tiny effort helps in the bigger fight.

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