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Assign Google Voice numbers before a port is completed

Quick launch summary

Admins can now assign Google Voice numbers to users while a port is still in progress, and users can start using their assigned numbers immediately once porting is completed. Previously, admins had to wait to assign the numbers until after the port completed, and only then could the user activate the application.

This reduces downtime for users, allowing them to start making calls more quickly and ensuring they don’t miss incoming calls once the port is complete.

Numbers can also be assigned to auto attendants and ring groups ahead of time allowing a seamless transition once the port is complete.

Search for and assign numbers that are in the process of being ported.
Review number assignments for users

Getting started

Admins: This feature will be ON by default. During number porting, we’ll inform admins that numbers are available for immediate assignment. Visit the Help Center to learn more about porting business numbers to Voice.

End users: There is no end user setting for this feature. Users will automatically get welcome info once the port completes.

Rollout pace


  • Available to all G Suite customers with Google Voice licenses



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