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Customer spotlight—Gift Campaign saves €45k a year using Zoho Analytics

Gift Campaign is a company that sells corporate gift products. They have an extensive collection of different promotional items, like pens, umbrellas, notebooks, and USBs, that can be customized with company logos and more. They’re mainly an online vendor with corporate customers, and they’re headquartered in Barcelona, Spain, with offices in Italy, France, and Portugal.

Gift Campaign and Zoho Analytics

Gift Campaign uses multiple systems—Zoho Books and Zoho Inventory as their ERP system, Zendesk as their contact center system, and Google Analytics for website analytics. But the company needed an advanced BI platform that could integrate and blend data from all these systems, and derive insights from them, so they could have more control of their business.

They were in need of an overall picture that would show end-to-end business performance, and help identify potential opportunities for the company.

“Zoho Analytics gave us more control over our business. We know integrating Zoho Books with Zoho Analytics would work well, but what surprised us is the way data from third-party applications, like Zendesk and Google Analytics, was brought into Zoho Analytics and seamlessly blended. This was exactly what we were looking for.”

– Diederik de Koning, General Manager, Gift Campaign

With Zoho Analytics, Gift Campaign created 3 main dashboards:

  • High-level metrics for leaders, that includes a daily overview of business, comparing sales and customer service on a monthly basis.
  • Service-level metrics, like how many open tickets per team, average ticket age, new incoming ticket trends, how long a ticket is open, response rates, and how many calls are missed/accepted/denied, all on a daily basis.
  • Website analytics, like number of page visits, how much is paid vs organic, Google ad spend, and more.

Insights about the company’s operations and performance was made possible through the blending of data from multiple sources, which they couldn’t do before. This was critical in determining performance and identifying weak areas for the company. Gift Campaign is now saving nearly €45K per year.

Key benefits for Gift Campaign:

  • Gift Campaign saves €45Ks/year using Zoho Analytics
  • Enabled unified data blending from Zoho and third party apps
  • Created insightful unified dashboards
  • Enabled end-to-end business insights

Read the full case study, where Gift Campaign shares how they saved €45k a year using Zoho Analytics:

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