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Effortless customer service on-the-go with Zoho Desk for iOS 14

Enhanced Siri Shortcuts

Apple recently announced the latest update to its famous operating systems, iOS 14 and iPad OS 14. The update brings a number of brand-new features and enhancements available for iPhone and iPad users. Keeping pace with iOS 14, we’ve adopted the newer features into the app to offer functionality that continues to simplify your customer service efforts.

The Zoho Desk Widgets   

Arguably the most prominent feature in Apple’s iOS 14 announcement, widgets provide immense value for users who can access an app’s functionality without actually opening it. Customer support agents have a never-ending list of information to stay on top of. More often than not, agents need to keep an eye on this information around the clock, to ensure that they don’t miss any important tickets.

The Zoho Desk Widgets offers a range of widgets to bring vital metrics out of the app and onto the user’s screen. With widgets, agents can keep an eye on the metrics they care about, without having to open the app every time.


The small and medium widgets provide important ticket stats and tell you how many tickets are open, overdue, on hold or unassigned. The large widget lets you see which tickets are due today or tomorrow, so you can proactively keep your SLAs intact and pre-emptively avoid escalations.

More context with Siri Shortcuts

We’ve made the best use of the latest updates to Siri, and enriched Siri’s ticket list to provide as much context as possible without even touching your phone. Now, you can see all relevant ticket information, just like your ticket window within the Zoho Desk app. Powered by Siri and their voice, agents can be better informed of the tickets on their list and close tickets faster than ever.

Scribble support for iPad OS 14 

Apple Pencil can now be a part of your productivity toolkit with this update to the Zoho Desk iPad app. These improvements are focused on delivering the full iPad user experience while using the Zoho Desk app. You can now write using Apple Pencil into any text box and have it automatically converted into text. Even when you’re scribbling, Zoho Desk will auto-suggest email addresses when you’re writing email addresses, or mention an agent in a comment, just like when you type it in.

As makers of help desk software that empowers brands to become more customer-centric, it’s our goal to create the best help desk experience possible–for you and your customers. We’re excited to release these features and help you deliver exceptional customer experiences, even when you’re on the move.


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