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Enhancing Google Workspace Add-ons in Gmail with Compose-time functions

Quick launch summary 

We’re enhancing the way you work with Google Workspace Add-ons in Gmail with the addition of Compose-time functions. Compose-time functions can help modify and format your messages in Gmail faster by: 

  • Adding recipients in the “To”, “CC”, and “BCC” fields. 
  • Inserting content into the subject line and body of the email. 
  • Inserting message templates for a consistent look and feel for your communications, and more. 
Organizations can also create their own compose-time add-ons using Apps Script or alternative runtimes. Use the Google Workspace Developer Guide to learn more about building compose actions. 

Getting started 

Rollout pace 

  • Compose time add-ons are available now in the Google Workspace Marketplace. 


  • Available to all Google Workspace customers (when enabled by admins) and users with personal accounts.



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