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Fast & Secure Americas 2020 Digital Edition

Fortinet is excited to offer Carriers, Cloud Providers, MSSPs and Mobile Network Operators the opportunity to participate in a Digital Edition of Fast and Secure. Fortinet’s Fast & Secure Americas will take place June 18 in North America starting at 8am PT.  

Fortinet: A Trusted Partner of Carriers, MSSPs and Mobile Network Operators (MNOs)

Fortinet is a long-time trusted partner to the Carriers, MSSPs and Mobile Network Operators.  These providers are under constant pressure to transform business – being challenged with new models for customer interaction and being asked to reshape and redefine service delivery capabilities while seeking to maintain value within the enterprise IT ecosystem.   

Service Providers play a pivotal role in this new paradigm. More data than ever is going to be pushed across your networks. Content usage will continue to grow and demand more bandwidth, storage and compute resources. More users and devices than ever will need instant access to data wherever it is located, from just about any device imaginable. Security will be a key enabler of new service capability and revenue streams. Thoughtful engineering and careful planning – including the selection, deployment, and integration of security tools designed to work together across highly elastic and adaptive environments – are necessary if we are to meet the requirements of the new digital economy. 

Fast & Secure Americas 

Join Fortinet for Fast & Secure Americas, a digital symposium where we explore cybersecurity issues and topics relevant to the Service Provider and Telco industry. Our theme for this year’s event is change – what it means, what it offers and how we can provide an effective cybersecurity response to it. 

The symposium will consist of a 90 minute General Session followed by a set of Breakout Sessions.

Our general sessions will provide a thought provoking look at key cybersecurity concerns and priorities facing the Service Provider industry. Our speakers will share their expertise and insights on today’s security challenges, potential solutions and practices to maintain the networks that are an essential element of our social and economic infrastructure.

John Maddison, our CMO and EVP of Products will provide the opening remarks and discuss how we can create value together.  We also have a special guest, Dr. Ed Amoroso, currently Chief Executive Officer of TAG Cyber LLC. Dr. Amoroso will be talking about Securing Change, Enabling Innovation. Specifically, about change to infrastructure, threats and the role of the Service Providers in how they are responding to the change during the time of the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Breakout sessions will delve into the application of security technologies to a range of use-cases directly applicable to Service Providers and Telcos. The Breakout sessions will consist of two tracks, an MSP/MSSP track focused on issues related to the delivery of value-added services and capabilities and a Mobile Network Operator focused on the application of security to today’s fast-evolving mobile infrastructure. A wide range of topics will be addressed including SD-WAN, 5G security, cloud security, remote work, new security services and industry-aligned solutions.  

Join Fortinet for Fast & Secure Americas, a digital symposium where we explore cybersecurity issues and topics relevant to the Service Provider and Telco industry.

Sessions for our recently completed Fast and Secure EMEA are now available on demand.


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