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Fortinet Secure SD-WAN Improves Application Performance for Global Company

Large, distributed organizations rely on business applications to deliver valuable resources and services to users, and as a result, must ensure uptime to keep those business-critical applications running and users productive. 

Recently, Fortinet worked with a global company contending with those challenges. Specifically, this customer was seeking to improve performance and management capabilities to ensure application availability and user productivity. 

And Then There Was One

With 1500 branch offices and three datacenters spread geographically around the world, deploying new branches was key to the business’ growth plans, but proved time-consuming and often difficult to integrate into existing infrastructures. Previously, this organization’s branch offices included multiple legacy point products for network and for security, which made centralized management difficult and provided no visibility. 

The incumbent solution was a combination of a traditional ISR router from a major networking vendor managing an MPLS connection and a separate firewall appliance from the same vendor. Adding SD-WAN would require the deployment of yet another device because neither the router nor the NGFW were able to provide SD-WAN services. Security would then need to be configured to run as an overlay solution on top of the SD-WAN appliance, significantly increasing capital and operating expenses, and the organization would still be forced to keep their MPLS links. 

Fortinet was the only vendor the organization considered that offered all of these functions in a single, high performance appliance, with centralized management for both network and security policies through an integrated console. As a result of selecting the Fortinet Secure SD-WAN solution, the company was able to eliminate their disconnected and isolated networking and security point products and replace them with one unified appliance, thereby reducing complexity. Fortinet surpassed the global company’s expectations, starting from proof of concept, with zero touch deployment, centralized management, and the ability to auto-provision configuration and business policies globally from their HQ.

Improving Performance for Business-Critical Applications & Users

Because of Fortinet’s integrated approach and proven networking and security performance, both the CIO and CISO selected Fortinet Secure SD-WAN to enable faster cloud adoption and significantly improve user experience for its nearly 15,000 employees. Moreover, the company is now able to offer its users a significantly improved experience with more consistent connectivity and high-performance reliability by tapping into the LTE capabilities built into FortiGate appliances. 

For example, sharing and collaboration is an important business priority and the organization heavily relies on cloud-based applications. As a result, this global organization needed its SD-WAN solution to offer single touch integration with specific cloud providers for faster application access and control. The Fortinet Secure SD-WAN solution natively supports major cloud providers to enhance application optimization by up to 5X, while reducing latency and producing a better user experience. 

Key Benefits

The company experienced the following benefits of the Fortinet Secure SD-WAN solution: 

  • Improved user experience performance: The performance of business-critical applications instantly improved by a factor of five.
  • Reduced Complexity: Replacing multiple point products with an integrated solution built around the benefits of Fortinet Secure SD-WAN reduced complexity while yielding a 60% cost savings.
  • Reduced WAN Cost: Augmented MPLS with broadband and LTE is saving up to 30% on contract renewal. Also, the complete removal of MPLS is on the roadmap. 
  • Centralized Management: The Fortinet Secure SD-WAN solution’s zero touch deployment capabilities and network visibility have reduced troubleshooting cycles by 50%.

Take a security-driven approach to networking to improve user experience and simplify operations at the WAN edge with Fortinet’s Secure SD-WAN solution.

Read more about how FortiGate Secure SD-WAN helped Fortinet optimize network performance in this case study. 

Read these customer case studies to see how De Heus and Burger King Brazil implemented Fortinet’s Secure SD-WAN to alleviate network complexity, increase bandwidth, and reduce security costs.

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