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Full-disk encryption is the first line of defense – Sophos News

Increased remote working makes it more important than ever to secure computers and the data on them. With the huge number of laptops that are lost, misplaced, or stolen every day, a crucial first line of defense for devices is full-disk encryption.

With full disk encryption rolled out, admins can ensure sensitive company data can’t be accessed, even if a device falls into the wrong hands. And while disk encryption has long been a vital component of device security, it has also frequently been associated with complexity and admin overhead. Setting up and maintaining servers, dealing with encryption keys, and helping users who’ve forgotten their credentials all takes time and effort.

Hassle-free encryption

With Sophos Central Device Encryption, we focus on making device encryption intuitive and hassle-free. There’s no server to install, and encryption is enabled in a handful of clicks. Sophos Central Device Encryption uses the same core agent as Intercept X, meaning existing Sophos customers have no additional agent to deploy and can start encrypting computers in mere minutes.

Under the hood, we leverage Windows BitLocker and macOS FileVault technology to do the heavy lifting when it comes to encrypting and decrypting data on the disk. With these technologies being integrated deeply into each operating system, performance and security is first-class.

Encryption Dashboard

Demonstrate compliance

As a part of compliance requirements, companies often need to verify which computers in the organization are encrypted. The cloud-based Sophos Central Admin console provides great visibility into device status, including which disks are encrypted and the last time a device checked in. The next version of Central Device Encryption adds a new Encryption Status report, further drilling down into device encryption status, making it even easier to help demonstrate compliance across the organization.

Fast recovery

An important consideration with disk encryption is how users will regain access to their devices if they forget their credentials. The Sophos Central Self-Service Portal lets users retrieve their own recovery keys without needing to contact the IT helpdesk. Users get back up and running faster, and IT teams have fewer tickets to deal with.

Device Encryption

Sophos Central Device Encryption

The shift towards remote working makes full disk encryption more important than ever. Sophos Central Device Encryption makes it a breeze to deploy and manage devices with full disk encryption. Head over to to find out more and to sign up for a free trial.

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