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ASUS New Google Meet Hardware kits and updated Meet compute system

Video conferencing solutions has always been in high-demand and now Asus has introduced a new ASUS starter kit for Google Meet, and a rebranding for the Small and Large versions. 

The new starter kit version includes the Huddly IQ camera, speakermic, a new and redesigned compute system, and remote control (versus touch controller). It requires less space and its a more affordable way to keep colleagues, partners, and customers around the world connected, face-to-face.

New ASUS starter kit for Google Meet Hardware

The Small version includes the Huddly IQ camera ( instead of the Huddly Go included on the actual version),  speakermic,  the MIMO and a new redesigned compute system.

New ASUS  Google Meet Hardware Small

About the new Google Meet hardware compute system, previously Chromebox.

This rectangular, Mac Mini-Esque computer running Chrome OS is powered by an Intel Core i7-8550U processor with 128GB of storage that supports 4K video and can be connected to multiple displays simultaneously. There’s Dual Band 802.11ac Wi-Fi + Bluetooth 4.2 and ports arranged on one side for cleaner cable management.

Design-wise, it has a magnetic chassis and wall mount to stealthily attach to the back of a monitor, while there’s also a desk stand. Asus touts “enterprise-grade manufacturing with testing and quality control.”

Meet compute system

Asus Google Meet Speakermic with Google Assistant
Once these new kits are launched a beta access program for Google Assistant can be requested.

All these kits will be available in June in 28 countries and come in three different price points.

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