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Hiring a new employee is a significant investment for a company. The hope is they’ll be with the organization for a long time and continuously deliver great work that positively impacts the business.

Unfortunately, there are times when you hire someone and they turn out not to be a good fit for your organization. In the best-case scenario, you would quickly realize the situation for what it is, let the person go, and they could move on to a role that is better suited for them. In the worst case scenario, they could struggle for a long while to do the job, causing both you and them frustration. This lowers workplace morale and hinders your company’s productivity. In the end, you’re still left having to let a person go and find another candidate for the role.

You can lower the chances of making a bad hire by conducting background checks before you make employment offers to candidates. It will reveal any details the person may have hid or been dishonest about during the interview process.

It’s essential to hire honest people, but why else are pre-employment background checks necessary? Let’s explore the advantages:

  • Verify the candidate is qualified – Some people, unfortunately, embellish their work history or education when job searching. You could end up hiring someone unqualified if you fail to check their background.

  • Perform a character check – Even if someone only slightly exaggerates their experience, it’s a sign of dishonesty. Ensure your company only hires moral people by verifying an applicant’s resume is 100% accurate.

  • Keep your workplace safe – The importance of protecting your employees, customers, and company goes without saying. Background checks save you from hiring dangerous individuals.

  • Reduce your company’s liability – Your company can decrease insurance costs and avoid needless lawsuits by only hiring people who clear your pre-employment screenings.

  • Avoid bad hires – Hiring the wrong person is costly and frustrating. Making the small effort to conduct a background check before you hire someone could prevent major problems from occurring later.

Work with a background check provider like HireRight.  

Partnering with a background check provider is the key to successfully and efficiently conducting pre-employment screenings. It’s difficult for employers to collect information from all the essential sources, but numerous federal and state laws must be followed. 

HireRight is a background check provider that integrates with Zoho Recruit. They provide more than 100 background screening services across more than 200 countries and territories. Additionally, HireRight offers other advantages, such as:

    • Data with integrity – HireRight’s background screening proficiency and extensive verification processes mean customers can feel comfortable working with accurate, meaningful results.

    • Accuracy – Artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies ensure accurate information on candidates. HireRight’s dispute rates are lower than the industry average.

    • Fast turnaround times – To help customers make decisions even faster, HireRight delivers quality-checked, real-time results, accelerates communications between third parties, and leverages mobile-first technology to speed up the time to hire.

“HireRight’s integration with Zoho provides another option for recruiters who are looking for solutions that will help manage the recruiting and hiring process from beginning to end,” said Jim Daxner, Chief Product Officer at HireRight. “We believe both Zoho and HireRight’s customers will truly benefit from this new partnership and look forward to continuing to work together to offer a streamlined and efficient process for finding qualified candidates.”

The Zoho Recruit integration with HireRight allows users to order background screening services from HireRight directly from within their Zoho Recruit account.


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