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How to ace your marketing presentations? « Zoho Blog

Let’s be honest. We all have sat through it at least once in our lives – a boring presentation pitch.

Poorly designed and delivered pitches will leave your ideas dead in the water, but presenting them expertly takes a lot of time, dedication, and effort.

That’s why we’re offering some guidelines to help amplify your efficacy and engagement in your marketing presentations.

Start with a bang

70% of marketers believe that presenting interactive content is key for engaging the audience.

Compelling data and interesting facts keep your audience engaged. Using these elements at the beginning of your presentation makes it even easier to grab their attention.

Oli Gardner, who is famous for his mind-blowing presentations, follows this formula well. He presents a few pessimistic, doomsday-style slides and then, once the audience is sufficiently bummed out, he swoops in with good news.

Slides from Oli Gardner’s 2014 HeroConf presentation, I Give A Sh!t About Your Conversion Rates

But not all of us are Oli! We’ve got our own speciality.

To make it easier, draw out a “presentation path” and identify the weakest sections. Map out each and every slide in the form of a graph.

If a slide portrays positive information then map it above the baseline, if not, do the opposite. If your final graph doesn’t exhibit a series of sine waves – as taking your audience for a roller coaster will surely make your ideas withstand the test of time.

Rely on built-in templates

Marketing templates not only allow you to get a head start in the design process, but they also provide you with unlimited options to customize your presentation to fit your ideas perfectly.

Fine-tuning them further to reflect your brand identity makes your slides unique and ensures your audience will remember your points even after your talk is over.

Besides just presentation templates, Show goes a step beyond its competitors by offering Slide Templates where you can choose from professionally designed individual slides and plug them into your deck.

This way, your customization options become unlimited.

Maintain minimalism. Configure consistency.

Gone are the days when presenters impressed their audience with loud animations and over-done visuals.

Today, the concept of design is moving towards minimalism, leaving traditional design techniques at crossroads. Thus, it’s always better to tailor your content to your audience to best convey messages.

Put more emphasis on the visual elements, such as customizable shapes, infographics and smart elements. Likewise, a good color scheme ensures consistency without distracting from the essentials you’re presenting.

Convey actionable takeaways

There’s no point in learning fascinating new data if you can’t figure out how to use it to your advantage. Great presentations do not just highlight problems but also provide clear instruction on how to fix them.


As you can see, the presenter is posting users with a challenge.

But unless for the below image which provides a solution, the above slide means nothing to your audience.

Provide actionable takeaways to your audience

Use Gifs for Reaction Slides  

If you want an easy laugh, gifs are the way to go.

Giphy has an enormous library of gifs and excellent collection of media.

And the good news is, Show’s integration with Giphy simply makes it easier for you to explore and add GIFs to your slides without switching apps. Elegant!

Review. Rehearse. Repurpose.

There’s nothing more mortifying than standing on stage alongside a slideshow riddled with grammatical errors. This would be a nightmare that would haunt you even after the session is over.

The best way to avoid this mishap is to review your presentations multiple times. Proofreading is a great start, but you may overlook simple errors, so ask your coworkers or friends to review if possible.

When your team reviews your presentation, you can get some valuable insights into what makes sense and where you fall flat. Take the time to understand their suggestions and adjustments before you get on stage.

Practice makes perfect

Finally, when you do your formal presentation, ask the audience a few questions along the way. Ask these in a way that doesn’t put anyone on the spot, and that the audience might have a little fun with. If possible, try to come up with a joke or two they’ll like.

So those are our best tips for how to create and deliver a great marketing presentation. We hope these have been helpful.

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