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How two customers halved their day-to-day admin time using Sophos Central – Sophos News

Managing all your cybersecurity products through the Sophos Central platform has proven to be a real time-saver when it comes to day-to-day admin tasks.

I recently spoke with two customers based in Eastern Europe who are both running Sophos next-gen cybersecurity systems managed through Sophos Central.

They explained how this approach has reduced their day-to-day security management workloads and allowed their small teams to maximize their impact.

Long-time Sophos customer makes the leap to Sophos Central

The first customer, a public sector organization in Slovenia, has been a Sophos customer for many years. A team of three people manage security for the organization’s 150 employees.

They recently switched from Sophos’ on-premises solutions, including endpoint protection managed through Sophos Enterprise Console (SEC), to next-gen products managed through the Sophos Central platform.

They now run a full next-gen cybersecurity system, including Sophos Intercept X endpoint and server protection, device encryption, and a Sophos XG Firewall.

Day-to-day security management cut in half

The team has seen a 50% reduction in time spent on day-to-day security management since moving to Sophos Central-managed solutions.

They now spend only 15-30 minutes each day on security admin – checking the firewall, looking at alerts, and cleaning up the email quarantine. All of this took twice as long before moving to Central.

“Previously we would send at least twice as much time on admin each day.”

They attribute the time saving to the admin-friendly platform. They can see and manage their entire environment in one place and no longer need to switch between applications and servers.

Protection remains strong and they haven’t had a single major incident since using Sophos products.

Evolving threats requires evolved protection

The second customer I spoke with is also a public sector organization – this time in Belgrade, Serbia. Within the IT team of 10, four people focus on cybersecurity, protecting the organization and its 300 staff from the latest threats.

They’ve been a satisfied Sophos customer for a long time, using multiple Sophos products without a single major security incident in the past eight years.

As threats and technologies have continued to evolve, so has their protection. The team recently made the switch to Sophos next-gen products.

They now run a full next-gen cybersecurity system, including Sophos Intercept X endpoint, server, and mobile protection, Sophos email security, and Sophos XG Firewalls – all managed through the Sophos Central platform.

Next-gen solutions cut IT admin time to 30 minutes

Previous Sophos products were still far ahead of the competition – day-to-day security admin would take this customer just an hour compared to what they estimate would be a whole day’s work with other vendors.

Switching to Sophos Central-managed solutions cut that admin time by a further 50%.  Now, they spend only 30 minutes a day keeping on top of their security.

Meanwhile, their end users remain unaware of the security solutions that are protecting them while they work. Intercept X runs quietly in the background, keeping users from unsafe websites, unobtrusively and automatically.

See it in action

Both organizations had found success with Sophos for many years. Upgrading to a unified, cloud-based management system has further increased efficiency and enabled them to dedicate more time to other projects – all while continuing to provide the same reliable protection they had come to expect.

Check out this demo video to see just how easy day-to-day security management is with a Sophos system.

Want to try the system for yourself? The easiest way is to start a free trial of one of our products.

And for anything else, or to discuss your own challenges, the Sophos team is here to help.

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