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Improved mobile interface for new Groups

Quick launch summary 

Earlier this year, we made new Groups generally available. The new experience featured an updated interface that made it easier to use on desktop devices. Now we’re also improving how new Groups looks when accessing it on a mobile web browser. The modern and streamlined interface matches the look and feel of new Groups on desktop, and makes it easier to complete common tasks, including: 
  • Finding groups by browsing, searching, or going to favorite groups 
  • Managing your membership settings for a group 
  • Reading conversations within a group 

Note that not all group interactions are available on mobile. For example, you can’t post to a group or reply to a conversation on mobile. For full functionality, please use groups on a desktop device. 

Getting started 

Browse, sort, and search for groups on mobile 

Read conversations within a group on mobile 

Manage group membership and browser for groups in the main menu 

Rollout pace 


  • Available to all G Suite customers and users with personal Google Accounts 



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