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Improving employee experience with Zoho CRM microapps

Employee experience includes pretty much everything an employee encounters at work—from their interactions with their manager and the work itself to the team they work with and the software they use.

The apps that an employee uses every day play a vital role in employee experience, as employees heavily depend on these apps to get work done, and organizations need to tap into this experience to keep their employees, teams, and entire workforce highly engaged.

A sales rep spends 18% of their time using their customer relationship management system (CRM). This includes looking up information on leads and customers, and also updating the CRM with every change regarding a lead and customer.

Zoho partners with Citrix to help organizations improve their employee experiences and business outcomes. Zoho built 8 microapps using Citrix’s low-code platform. Using these microapps, Zoho CRM users can enjoy easy, seamless access to the Zoho CRM features they use the most right from Citrix’s Workspace,  instead of accessing the full product—simplifying their work and transforming productivity. 

What are Zoho CRM microapps?

The Zoho CRM microapps are task-specific functionalities of Zoho CRM to help sales reps focus on the right tasks at the right time quickly and easily. For example, adding and viewing records in CRM when away from the office can slow users down if they have to access the entire application to do so. To make tasks like this easier, Zoho built eight microapps to help CRM users effectively manage primary customer relationship functions.

Who can use Zoho CRM microapps?

If your company uses Citrix, you can use these microapps to access Zoho CRM from anywhere and do tasks just as efficiently as you would in the office. These microapps help sales reps see and interact with only the data they need, without overwhelming them with data that’s not relevant to the task at hand.

What can Zoho CRM microapps do?

The Zoho CRM microapps are single units that each streamline overall CRM functionality to solve one specific CRM use case. With these microapps, sales reps can create Accounts, Contacts, Leads, and Deals, and view details of existing ones.

Sales reps can also access these microapps securely, instantly, and flexibly from any location or device to perform these functions even when on the move.

To learn more and see all the Zoho CRM microapps visit the Citrix Ready Marketplace.

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