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Introducing Full-on Recruiter: A resource hub for recruiters, by recruiters

These past few months have made us rethink how we approach business. Some business operations have come to a screeching halt while others have ramped up. As talent leaders trying to help candidates land their dream jobs, it’s more important than ever to plan carefully and guide each other through these changing times.

With that in mind, we’re introducing Full-on Recruiter. Launching today, Full-on Recruiter is intended to expose you to engaging dialogue with veterans from the recruitment industry. We’ve built up a community of experts who will let you in on their journeys and share some present-day industry practices and hacks to take note of–either for a complete hiring lifecycle or for focused niches like background checks, video interviews, and more.

Alongside developing our solutions for recruitment agencies and corporate HRs, we want to provide you with access to the knowledge and wisdom that comes through experience.

What’s on the horizon for Full-on Recruiter?
Listen, learn, and become a parter in contributing guest pieces that will go on our expert corner.

Moving forward, our goal is to keep developing materials and resources to address the biggest, most pressing questions you have about hiring.

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Whatever awaits, we will be ready to respond to and evolve with any changes that come our way. So welcome! Subscribe now to get updates for everything recruitment. Let us know your thoughts.

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