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Introducing Notebook and Microsoft Teams Integration

We’re happy to announce the new Notebook and Microsoft Teams integration. Keep all your notes handy while you talk with your coworkers on Microsoft Teams. Add Notebook as a personal tab in Microsoft Teams and you won’t need to switch tabs to access or create new notes.

Notebook is now available as a personal tab in Microsoft Teams. With this personal tab, you can perform these actions: 

  • View and modify your notes in Teams

  • Create new note cards from Teams

  • Organize your notes using notebooks and tags

  • Create reminders for your note cards and get alerts in Teams


Create various types of note cards like Text, Checklist, Audio, and Photo with the Notebook tab in Teams. Color-code your notes, add and associate tags to them, group related note cards, create notebooks, and do much more with the Notebook personal tab. You can also search for your note cards from the tab.

Notebook’s roadmap for Teams

We’ve already started enhancing Notebook for Microsoft Teams to make it a powerful productivity app in its marketplace. Notebook for Teams will allow you to pin a note, notebook, or a search result as a custom tabs. We’re also planning to create a Notebook bot and command to allow you to create notes and notebooks and post your notes as messages.

We’re also working on a Teams extension which will allow you to add any chat messages as a note card in your Notebook.

Watch your productivity increase exponentially with the new Notebook and Microsoft Teams integration. Have any suggestions or feedback? Leave a comment below or reach out to us at [email protected]

Stay safe and happy note-taking!

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