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Introducing Zoho Show for Chromebook: An intuitive tool perfect for your device

If the practical simplicity of Chrome OS is what made you choose a Chromebook, chances are you’d prefer something along the same lines for your presentation needs. With Zoho Show for Chromebook, we’re proud to offer a better, simpler presentation experience for users worldwide. 

Create informative presentations with ease 

If you are planning to present a complex topic to a large audience, it might be tedious to fit in all the information on the slides and still make it engaging for viewers. On top of that, it can be a frustrating experience if the presentation tool UI is complicated.

With Show’s clutter-free interface, you can create visually engaging slideshows with ease. The tool is packed with a number of useful features and resources. You can add custom charts to showcase your data in an easy-to-grasp format and choose free images from Unsplash to catch the attention of the audience. You can also throw in a GIF to lighten the mood with our Giphy integration. If you wish to give the audience variety, Show makes it easy to add a video as well.  

Collaborate and Deliver your ideas

If you are working in a team for your school or college project, effective collaboration is key and it’s important to ensure that there is no communication gap between team members. Forget about different versions and emailing files to each other: Show lets you work with all your teammates at once. Make comments, review changes on slides and work together without any hassle.  

Simplify presenting with Remote View

Have you ever accidentally switched to the next slide while giving a presentation or dropped your notecards and lost your place? You can now make use of the Remote View option to ensure that both you and your audience have the best possible experience. Show gives the presenter easy access to notes with this view, while your audience remains focused on the current slide only.  

Enhance classroom learning 

Educators are often on the forefront of using innovative tools to impart knowledge. Chromebooks are easy-to-use and according to Google, almost 30 million students and educators use Chromebooks to enhance their learning experience. With the increasing use of Chromebooks for educational purposes, it’s important that educators have the necessary tools to make learning enjoyable for the students. 

With Show’s abundant list of features, conveying complex information through slides has never been simpler. Creating engaging, visually interesting presentations that students will appreciate and never forget can be the difference between a memorable class and a class students just want to get over with.

By using Zoho Show for Chromebook, you can simplify your slide creation process and create engaging and innovative stories for your audience.

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