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Introducing Zoho TeamInbox: collaboration powered by shared inboxes

From the time email was introduced to the business world, it has remained a primary and highly preferred mode of communication for teams of all sorts. Whether you’re promoting products, engaging with customers, communicating with colleagues, or even updating your Out of Office status, the business world’s reliance on email remains strong.

We’ll here show you how to make emails more productive and collaborative than ever.

Email in its basic state is not tailored for collaboration, but as a tool, email has evolved a lot over the past years. One of the most useful of these multiple new perks email offers is the efficiency of group email addresses, which has made group emailing easy and convenient.

However, sometimes, the process of sending and receiving group emails is also not entirely smooth for collaboration. For example, while replying to emails received in a group address, if you forget either to CC the group address or hit the Reply All button, no one in the team will get your reply.

In many instances you may want to discuss an email with your team before replying. There are multiple tools that help teams have internal discussions efficiently. But when you take these conversations outside your inbox, there’s a chance you may lose the context of the discussion. To maintain context, you can forward and reply in the original thread, but this can get out of hand when the discussion includes more people, and there’s always a risk of accidentally sending your discussions to the external sender.

In spite of all this, businesses cannot afford to abandon email completely. Apparently, all of our work days start with email.

Therefore, when we as a team faced these challenges, we wanted to build a tool for collaboration but without ignoring email—a space where you can receive all your group emails and conduct behind-the-scenes discussions on them. So, we’re happy to be introducing Zoho TeamInbox, a shared inbox tool for managing group emails and enhancing team collaboration and transparency.

Zoho TeamInbox makes group emails accessible to the entire team in one collaborative space.

Direct your emails from group email addresses like treasurer@, marketing@ to a shared inbox in Zoho TeamInbox, and give access to your team. Teams can now receive, read, and reply to emails from this shared inbox, so you will always stay in the same page. Emails can be assigned to any member, commented on, replied to, and then be closed once the task is completed—all from a single platform.

Every team member will have a filtered view of the emails they are assigned to. Zoho TeamInbox helps you keep perfect track of all your tasks, know what your colleagues are working on, and share thoughts and ideas with your teammates, all directly from your inbox.

Say goodbye to endless CCs and BCCs for good. Zoho TeamInbox gives you a well-organized, clutter-free inbox and a transparent workspace, which teams need now more than ever.

However, Zoho TeamInbox is not only about emails. Today, we use multiple other channels to connect and collaborate with people. Zoho TeamInbox is designed to smoothly handle multichannel communication.

Zoho TeamInbox is in its final stages of development and will be available soon for public access. If you like to try out our beta version, please request for early access.

See you soon with more exciting news!

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