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Looking for a free cloud security tool? – Sophos News

The use of cloud services has soared this year, with 97% of business decision-makers saying that COVID-19 has sped up digital transformation and the use of cloud services at their companies. Organizations that haven’t embraced cloud already are likely to have it on their roadmap.

Speaking with over 3,500 IT Pros in the Sophos State of Cloud Security report, 70% of organizations already hosting data and workloads in the public cloud have reported security incidents in the last 12 months.

At Sophos, we want to help organizations identify and respond to these cloud threats faster, wipe out potential breach points, and optimize cloud spend. You can now do that for free with Cloud Optix on AWS Marketplace.

The free cloud security posture management tool

Cloud Optix, the Sophos cloud security posture management tool, protects Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform environments. It continually monitors cloud service configurations, and detects suspicious activity, insecure deployments, and over-privileged IAM roles – all while helping optimize your cloud costs. Simply put: it stops potential cloud environment breach points before they are detected and compromised.

Monitor 25 cloud assets for free via AWS Marketplace

Sophos now provides customers with the ability to monitor 25 cloud assets absolutely free. To activate, sign up via the Cloud Optix AWS Marketplace listing, then once logged into your Cloud Optix account, simply activate the free tier from the top right corner of the Cloud Optix dashboard.

How the Cloud Optix free tier works:

  • Customers are able to monitor 25 cloud assets for free (see how Cloud Optix counts assets)
  • This is an optional free usage tier. To activate, customers should sign up via the Cloud Optix AWS Marketplace listing, then once logged into their Cloud Optix accounts, simply activate the free tier from the top right corner of the Cloud Optix dashboard as shown above.
  • Once activated, customers will only be billed for usage that exceeds this limit.

Start protecting your public cloud environments today

Risk-free setup

No downloads are required. Cloud Optix is an agentless, SaaS-based service that’s simple to set up, with read-only access to cloud environments. For help configuring the service, visit the Cloud Optix online help guide.

For more information about our cloud security posture management solution, visit the Cloud Optix page on the Sophos website.

Note: Customers signing up for Cloud Optix via AWS Marketplace will manage the product from a standalone console, providing all the functionality available for Cloud Optix via Sophos Central.

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