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Multi-Firewall Reporting comes to Sophos Central – Release Notes & News – XG Firewall

The latest update to Sophos Central Firewall Reporting (CFR) Advanced enables reporting across multiple devices, enabling you to easily get a holistic view into network activity and threats across your entire estate.

Reporting is also more accessible in Sophos Central, with two new direct main menu options under Firewall Management for the Report Hub Dashboard and the Report Generator Tools.

There’s also a new drop down box enabling you to select entire groups or individual firewalls to include in the dashboard view and reports.

New main menu items (left) provide direct access to the reporting tools, while a new drop-down selection (center) enables you to determine which firewalls to include in your various reports.

These features are included and automatically enabled at no extra charge for customers with a CFR Advanced subscription.

The new multi-firewall reporting enables easy visibility into the security posture across your entire network with just a few clicks. You can quickly and easily identify threat activity across all your devices, including Sandstorm suspicious file sandboxing events, AV, IPS, geo information, and much more.

Get a complete picture of threat activity across your entire network with just a few clicks.

How to Get Started

You can try CFR for free with limited storage for about 7 days of data retention to see how it works and then contact your preferred Sophos Partner or Sophos directly to get going on CFR Advanced today.

Setup is easy… simply log into the firewall and select “Central Synchronization” from the main menu to add a firewall to Sophos Central. Then login to Sophos Central to confirm.

Switching from Sophos iView

Sophos iView is a legacy firewall reporting platform that is coming to end of life soon. Sophos Central Firewall Reporting provides a far more advanced, scalable reporting and analytics platform that replaces iView enabling us to accelerate our roadmap and deliver more new functionality sooner. If you’re still using iView, now is the time to switch. It’s super easy. Get started sending your log data to Sophos Central today.

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