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New Enhancements to Central XG Firmware Updating – Release Notes & News – XG Firewall

We’re pleased to announce the addition of bulk firmware updating to Sophos Central firewall management! This feature is available today, for all grouped firewalls, and allows you to trigger immediate firmware updates in one action, for any number of grouped firewalls that have firmware updates available. We’re also pleased to announce the arrival of Scheduled firmware updates! for firewalls running XG v18 MR3 or newer, the time when firmware updates may be installed, may be scheduled from Central.

What’s New and How to Use it:

  • Bulk Firmware Upgrades – On the Group menu, Firmware Upgrades may now be selected. This option will bring up a list of firewalls with pending updates. You may select any or all of the firewalls, then with “immediately” selected for the schedule, click Schedule Upgrade. All selected firewalls will begin upgrading shortly, and you will se a spinning gear icon once the upgrade has started. 
  • Scheduled Firmware Upgrades – Requires firewalls to be running at least v18 MR3 or newer. When upgrading the firmware for a single firewall by clicking the upgrade icon, or when bulk updating firmware, you may now choose to install immediately, or schedule the update to occur at a future time and date. The schedule will be run based on the firewalls local time zone. 

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