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Now live: Zoho Recruit’s integration with HackerEarth

Hiring candidates is not only tedious but also very time-consuming, especially when you’re hiring programmers. From sourcing a pipeline of potential candidates and shortlisting the right ones to conducting numerous rounds of interviews, this process can take a substantial amount of time and effort. 

Even after jumping through so many hoops, there is no guarantee that you have hired the right candidate. So how can you minimize your risk and consistently hire better talent?

Presenting HackerEarth: The suite of assessment products that helps you reduce the time and effort involved with hiring and ensure that you hire only the best developers for your organization.

Here’s why recruiters should start using HackerEarth for Zoho Recruit:

Increase productivity and functional efficiency

HackerEarth is always innovating to help recruiters hire more efficiently while maintaining the highest quality standards. Recruiters can accelerate their hiring by applying preliminary assessment rules through the platform. Companies can save time and money with advanced screening features, which helps prevent unnecessary screenings for candidates that recruiters disqualify early in the screening process.

Mitigate risk and maintain compliance

HackerEarth’s platform supports a high standard of compliance to ensure data is  reportable, accurate, and not reliant on manual processes. This makes hiring processes more consistent and leaves less opportunity for human bias and error, so hiring teams can maintain compliance while saving time.

Improve candidate experience and conversion

Today’s candidates expect accessibility, visibility, and speed. HackerEarth and Zoho Recruit are continually innovating to help you meet those expectations. Mobile-friendly candidate portals accelerate the assessment process with easy-to-use forms while also providing candidates with all the resources they need.

Expand and optimize your candidate pool

With HackerEarth’s advanced analytics, recruiters can now make better hiring decisions and employ more effective recruitment strategies. Based on this data, recruiters can use HackerEarth’s platform tools to optimize preliminary assessment rules and make their pool of qualified candidates both more inclusive and more targeted to their needs.

Differentiate your brand to attract candidates

Diversity and inclusiveness in hiring are both high-profile issues for companies, and fair chance hiring practices can draw new customers, talent, and partners. Join a thousand other companies that align with HackerEarth’s inclusiveness mission to help attract diverse talent and raise your brand profile.


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