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Presenting the new and improved Zoho Workplace—your unified digital workspace

Due to the sudden recent shift in the way organizations work, the question of everyday productivity and collaboration is a widely discussed topic. While the immediate priority for teams before was to find the right tools out of numerous choices, the bigger problem now is finding a way for all their tools to work together. Disjointed, uncooperative applications can be as much a discomfort as having no tools at all.

One of the biggest obstacles to productivity, especially in remote work, is having to juggle between multiple applications for different everyday tasks and having little to no integration between these apps. To solve this problem, Zoho brings you a revamped Workplace, a comprehensive suite of productivity, communication, and collaboration tools. Workplace moves beyond offering just a suite of apps; it’s a completely unified and integrated workspace that integrates well with other business applications, providing context and ensuring continuity.

What makes the new Zoho Workplace one of its kind? Read on to find out. Or, if you’d first like to know what Workplace offers, here’s a quick video:

One place for all team communication and collaboration

Zoho Workplace brings your office suite, communication apps, meeting, and video conferencing tools all under one roof. While different teams depend on many different applications based on their roles, Zoho Workplace streamlines your organization’s communication and unites your company data. Whether you’re checking emails, getting on a meeting with colleagues, or collaborating on documents with your team, you can handle it all from Workplace.

A fully featured office suite

Zoho Workplace’s office suite includes a word processor that extends beyond just creating and editing files to automating documents, a spreadsheet tool that combines age-old standards with modern intelligence and new capabilities, and a presentation app that helps turn your data into engaging visual stories. All files are centrally stored and distributed via team-centric folders with fine-grained levels of access. What makes it even greater is these apps are synced across multiple devices and also work when you’re offline.

Workplace Dashboard: your central hub for work

The icing on top of the integrated Zoho Workplace is the Dashboard view. Remember how you walked into your cubicle and had to check for missed calls and messages, organize your tasks scribbled on sticky notes, check your schedules for the day, and more? In Workplace, your dashboard sorts and lays out recent and most important work items for you—such as your recent emails, calendar schedules, urgent documents, reminders, and more. As with any good dashboard, you can customize yours and reorganize your Dashboard widgets by simply dragging and dropping, enabling or disabling, or even creating new ones. These widgets are not just nice to look at, they are synced in real time and support quick actions like marking an email as read, starring a message, and changing the status of tasks, and shortcuts to create new items.

Workplace Dashboard

Maintaining context between apps

Workplace not only simplifies switching between apps, but also maintains context when you do, giving you a smooth transition from one app to the other. For example, an email attachment received in Mail can be edited with Writer, and uploaded to WorkDrive, while the email thread can be carried over to Cliq as a group conversation, an event can be created from this conversation, and a meeting can be launched from the event’s calendar entry.

Instant messages and calls are undoubtedly some of the most popular communication methods, so regardless of whether you’re working on a document, typing an email, or reading a Connect thread, the ever-present Cliq bar at the bottom of your window gives you access to all contacts and messages, as well as lets you start an audio or video call directly from there.

Analysts on Zoho Workplace

Unifying your Zoho experience

Not only does Workplace connect the apps you need for work, it unifies common settings to avoid information silos. This is why we created a single place for notifications in dedicated tabs, a single profile view that dynamically changes based on the current app tab you’re in, uniform theme and language settings across apps, and a common announcements panel.

Even outside of Workplace, you may have tasks residing in other Zoho apps like Projects or events created from apps like CRM. The Calendar and Tasks apps in Mail pull these from relevant apps to display them in Workplace, making it a unified place for your work.

Comprehensive integrations

Apps within Zoho Workplace are tightly knit, but we also know work spans beyond Workplace apps. Workplace makes it easy for organizations to integrate with other business apps, both from Zoho and other companies. Use our exclusive integration hub, eWidget, to bring more than 25 apps into your inbox. Similarly, each Workplace app has relevant and contextual integrations so that you can get your business apps and collaboration apps to work in tandem. You can check these integrations in our common marketplace. Developers or organizations with complex needs can also build and deploy their own custom extensions.

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One search to find it all

Workplace doesn’t just give you a way to manage all your information—it also makes it searchable. Our AI-powered search function can search for a keyword across all Zoho apps, bringing up results categorized by product. You can narrow your search further by specifying search conditions. You can launch an app from your search and even take quick actions on results right there, like replying to an email, calling a contact, downloading a file, and more.

Watch out this space for more information in the coming days—we have several new enhancements lined up. Follow @ZohoWorkplace in Twitter to stay up to date!

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